School of Architecture and the Built Environment

Our research and educational program regards the future of our societies; how cities, buildings and infrastructure will be designed and built, how institutions and regulatory systems should be developed to produce a good living environment, and how to provide good development conditions for business.

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Honorable mention - Pecci and Mikhalevich Awards

Xi Pang, PhD student at the division of Land and Water Resources Engineering, has been granted honorable mention for her work "Trade-offs and synergies among ecosystem services and biodiversity under different forest management scenarios - Case studies of a forest landscape in Soutehern Sweden".

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Honorable mentions

Film Festival

Tales from Planet Earth

Tales from Planet Earth is an environmentally-themed Film Festival which combines public outreach, film-making and research. Using film screenings as a focus for discussion and workshops, we want to raise issues concerning the role of narrative in science communication, film as a means of both spreading and creating knowledge, and the intersections between research, film making, policy making, and activism.

The festival is organized around the themes of Waste, Energy, the Circumpolar North and Environmental justice, and the film screenings in the evenings will be introduced and/or commented by film makers and reserachers.


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