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Perfusion process
The optimization of the perfusion process will target the important factors to establish an industrial platform for perfusion-based production of biologics, focussing on intensification by enhanced cell density.

Model based optimization and control for culture media and processes
We will develop mechanistic macroscopic metabolic models supported by omics characterisation to design efficient perfusion media and processes by simulation, prediction, optimization, enabling feedback control.

Continuous downstream process and integrated continuous USP-DSP biomanufacturing
The focus will be on one hand on continuous chromatography process and matrix design, and on magnetic bead-based technology for continuous purification on the other hand; both integrated with cultivation process. 

Continuous manufacturing of recombinant viral vector
The focus will be on developing efficient production process of viral vector based on perfusion technology.

Continuous manufacturing of cell product
The focus will be on developing efficient production process of cell therapy based on perfusion technology.

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Last changed: Jan 25, 2022