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Wrapping up and planning ahead

This year is soon coming to an end and we are looking back on many memorable happenings, publications and events at the Division. Many you can find in the four newsletters that have been sent throughout the year: Division Newsletters

But as always, in parallel with wrapping up the old year – the new year is also in planning. In 2023 we look forward to some big changes. New projects on Carbon Transnationalism, The EHL will become a KTH Centre and the Division will get a new head. On top of that the administration at KTH is merging into a new organization and we have a new President! Luckily some things are kept as they have been though and one of those is our Higher Seminar series.

This coming spring we look forward to learn more about Nuclear-Water, political ecology and the research seminar as a community of practice. We have four doctoral students that are planning for their final seminars, and three additional that plan for their mid-seminars. Some of the seminars will be held on zoom, but most of them are on site in our own environment. Check out to full schedule here – some updates will come to it – and please drop by if you are in the neighborhood: Higher Seminar Spring 2023


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