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Back to school – The spring semester begins

Hej everyone! As the new semester has just begun, it would be great to summarize the first week with you as a glimpse of what to expect during the spring semester. Daylight hours The first and foremost noticeable change about the Spring semester is we are getting more daytime here in Stockholm. Since the winter … Continue reading “Back to school – The spring semester begins”

Application checklist and considerations

Hi everyone! With less than two weeks until this year’s application deadline, I would like to share with you the checklist I had from last year’s experience and some considerations to make before clicking the “apply now” button. Final checking of all necessary documents on both KTH and You must check if you have … Continue reading “Application checklist and considerations”

Happy new year and new year goals

Gott nytt år – That means happy new year in Swedish! As today is the first day of 2023, I wish you all good having a brilliant year ahead! I want to take this opportunity to share with you some of the new year goals I accomplished last year and some that I am targeting … Continue reading “Happy new year and new year goals”

My green living style in Stockholm

Hej, it’s Raygo here again! When talking about Sweden, people always think of sustainability and environmental protection as the country has a long history of development in these areas. The former is also one of the key pillars of KTH, where the UN sustainability goals are the priority of our school in almost every aspect. … Continue reading “My green living style in Stockholm”

My daily cooking diary at Malvinas Väg

Hi guys! Today, I would like to share a practical and almost daily routine for every KTH student living in student accommodation: cooking! It may depend on each individual, but cooking is undoubtedly a relaxing activity to relieve my stress from the busy schoolwork. On the other hand, it is so satisfying when you are … Continue reading “My daily cooking diary at Malvinas Väg”

The Stockholm Christmas Market is live now!

As we enter December, I am sure many of you are feeling more Christmasy no matter where you are from around the globe, as this is the most important festival to celebrate in the month, if not the entire year! Thanks to the recent snowfalls and colder weather, Stockholm is filled with the white Christmas … Continue reading “The Stockholm Christmas Market is live now!”