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Space Waves and a Tale: on exhibit at the main library

These days when passing by the KTH main library, there is an eye-catching booth right next to the main entrance. It is an event related to the Nobel Calling Week series: an exhibition about Hannes Alfvén titled “Space Waves and a Tale“. Born in 1908 in Norrköping, Hannes Alfvén was a Swedish electrical engineer and … Continue reading “Space Waves and a Tale: on exhibit at the main library”

KTH facts and figures

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… As we are getting close to 17 October in six days, the next round for application to master’s studies at KTH is right around the corner! I can tell you that I was as excited as all of you back at this moment last year! While counting down to … Continue reading “KTH facts and figures”

Before arrival in Stockholm and KTH

Today is 1 October 2022, and in the blink of an eye it has been one month and a half since me being in this stunning city and campus. I can still recall how I prepare for embarking on this life-changing journey not long ago. Getting prepared  No sooner had I received the notification of … Continue reading “Before arrival in Stockholm and KTH”

My warmest greetings!

Hej! And I am the final new digital ambassador Raygo (or you may call me Ray), who will work alongside Lorenzo and Martyna for the KTH International Student Blog in the coming year! As a first-year student from the master’s programme in Architecture, (yes, you may realize that Martyna and I are indeed from the … Continue reading “My warmest greetings!”