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About Java versions

  • Due to a clash of software names, the two main programs have been renamed to "DataBase" and "Spana" (in Swedish "spana" means explore, watch, investigate).
  • Note: These are "beta" versions of the programs; they have not been fully tested. Also the help has not been updated yet
  • Advantage: java programs work on MacOS, Unix/Linux (for example Ubuntu) and Windows systems.
  • This software now uses exclusively the HALTAFALL algorithm
  • To install: choose a zip-file from Download menu (left column), download the zip-file and un-zip it in a directory of your choice. If you have Java properly installed ( verify here ), you may double click on a "jar"-file and the program will be launched.
  • In "DataBase" you may now select a temperature between zero and 100 degrees Celsius (if data are missing, you will not be able to use this feature).
  • In "Spana" it is possible to select the SIT-model for activity coefficient calculations.
  • The source code ma be downloaded at