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Chemical Equilibrium Diagrams

Software description

  • Hydra contains a database with logK data at 25°C. Run this program to define the chemical system you are interested on.
  • Medusa creates many kinds of diagrams. See examples below.
Fraction diagram
Logarithmic diagram
Predominance area diagram
Software based on the following algorithms:
  • SOLGASWATER: Eriksson G, 1979. An algorithm for the computation of aqueous multicomponent, multiphase equilibria. Anal. Chim. Acta, 112: 375-383.
  • HALTAFALL: Ingri N, Kakolowicz W, Sillén L G, Warnqvist B, 1967. High-speed computers as a supplement to graphical methods - V. HALTAFALL, a general program for calculating the composition of equilibrium mixtures. Talanta, 14: 1261-1286. Errata: 15(3) (1968) xi-xii.

Author: Ignasi Puigdomenech

Chemical Equilibrium Diagrams at the author's site

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