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Markus D. Kärkäs, PhD

Associate Professor


Markus was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and received his undergraduate degree from Stockholm University in 2008. In the same year he began his graduate studies under the direction of Prof. Björn Åkermark at Stockholm University. The thesis concerned the development and mechanistic insight of artificial water oxidation catalysts. After receiving his PhD degree in 2013 he joined Prof. Corey Stephenson’s research group at the University of Michigan as a postdoctoral fellow supported by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet). His postdoctoral work focused on the development of photochemical methods for valorization of lignin. In late 2016, he returned to the Department of Organic Chemistry at Stockholm University. In August 2018, he joined the Department of Chemistry at KTH Royal Institute of Technology as an Assistant Professor (biträdande universitetslektor). His research interests include photoredox catalysis, organic electrosynthesis, and artificial photosynthesis.