Division of Applied Physical Chemistry

In July 2011 four divisions - Physical, Analytical, Nuclear and Inorganic Chemistry - were merged to one division. Initials suggestions for the new division name included PANIC, but the lowest common denominator of all research groups involved is ‘Applied Physical Chemistry’ which subsequently was chosen as the name of the new division.

Applied Physical Chemistry consists of more than 50 co-workers, of which about 15 are academic staff and about 30 PhD students. Fundamental science plays an important role and covers everything from quantum chemistry, spectroscopy and spectrometry, to materials and interfaces. Being at an engineering university, all research groups are also involved in more applied projects adhering to small and grand challenges, including pharmaceuticals, wood science, transport properties in materials, solar energy and bioanalysis. Interaction with Swedish and international industry is an integrated activity at the division, as well as international collaboration. The academic staff is also extensively involved in teaching at undergraduate and graduate level.

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