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Climate Politics in Action with Pär Holmgren

A picture from the climate politics in action event
Published Apr 12, 2022

Climate Action Center recently organized the first in a series of events called “Climate Politics in Action”. During the event, KTH students were able to particiapte in a conversation about climate politics with EU parliamentarian Pär Holmgren (MP).

EU parliamentarian Pär Holmgren (MP) started the event by declaring that all of us will be climate activists in 20 to 40 years. The conversation that followed focused on climate politics, the current situation in Europe and current topics such as energy and food production. Students were able to ask questions and discuss these matters with Pär Holmgren. Questions and thoughts from the students covered several different topics, including the energy issue, how climate politics is affected by the war in Ukraine and how emissions can be reduced in the EU.

Pär Holmgren highlighted how different crises are linked to each other rather than separate and that systematic political changes are needed to combat both the climate crisis and wars. Some examples of measures discussed during the event were how Europe can reduce its reliance on energy from Russia by exporting more renewable energy from Sweden and that the European Green Deal can be achieved by using the European Trading system to price our carbon dioxide emissions.

This spring, KTH Climate Action Centre is planning to host several events for students on the topic of climate politics. Guests from different political parties will be invited. The purpose of these events is to encourage interesting discussions about climate politics and climate measures.