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Co-creation research

To reach a climate neutral and resilient society, we need research results that can be used and implemented. This is best achieved through co-creation research. In co-creation research, users are involved from an early stage and throughout the research process.

Two people working with a whiteboard
Photo: Nathaniel SIson, Unsplash.

Here we will present ongoing co-creation research, and opportunities for your organsiation or you as an individual to engage in.

Research projects

EVENT HORIZON - Support energy transitions through increased knowledge on local / regional transition processes

Learn more about the project: EVENT HORIZON

From Homo Sapiens to Homo Colossus

This science + art + communications project aims to convey an understanding, both public and personal, of the energy footprint of Swedes through an open-air augmented reality art installation/exhibition in Stockholm (2022). Learn more about the project: Homo Colossus

Mistra SAMS Sustainable Accessibility and Mobility Services studies

This project focuses on digitally supported services for accessibility and mobility, to understand their potential to transform society and contribute to sustainability. Learn more about the project: Mistra SAMS

Utilisation of food waste and side streams from agricultural production for new food ingredients from plant sources, using green chemistry approaches