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Division of Computational Science and Technology

Computational Science and Technology is a multidisciplinary field that uses advanced computing methodologies to understand and solve complex problems. The division develops methods, computing environments and data analysis capabilities to solve scientific questions in a multi-disciplinary setting shaping the future of computing.

EECS Award of the Year 2020 to teachers from CST

The course DD1393 Software Engineering led by Lecturer Dena Hussain and VIC Project Manager Björn Thuresson receives the award for its ability to create impact in society by letting the students solve real problems in projects provided by Swedish organizations. In combination with guest lectures and mentoring, this has significantly improved the external relations of the school. With numerous successful projects reported in Swedish news, it has also drawn positive attention to the educational activities of EECS.

An interview with Dena Hussain and Björn Thuresson can be seen .

Research areas

The division is part of the Department of Computer Science at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 

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