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Modern companies have often hundreds of business critical IT systems, IT systems which are becoming more interconnected and complex. Within the field of software systems architecture and security, we offer courses with focus on methods for understanding and managing security.

EP2790 Security Analysis of Large-Scale Computer Systems 7.5 credits

Today's large complex systems-of-systems are difficult to overlook and manage, while an attacker only needs to find one vulnerability to get in. This course teaches methods for analyzing threats, risks and defense mechanisms of large systems, which can streamline security work and improve protection.

EN2720 Ethical Hacking 7.5 credits

Ethical hackers are contracted for practical assessment of computer network security. Furthermore, for an effective defense against cyber attacks, a deep understanding of attackers' available range of action is required.

Online course in Ethical Hacking 7.5 credits

The purpose of this course is to develop students' understanding of and ability to use ethical hacking techniques to perform cyber-security audits of computer networks. The main activity of the course comprises the penetration of a rigged virtual corporate network environment.