Smart Mobility Lab

The new generation of mobile systems for intelligent transportation and smart driving is being developed here in an effective combination of automatic control, computer science and mechatronics. Read more about what we do and get involved!

Now! F1/10 Racing Competition is coming up, Join the KTH Team before 7 Feb.

Interested in autonomous racing competition?! Join the KTH F1/10 racing team before 7 Feb.

For detailed information, have

a look at the description below:

F1tenth racing competition.pdf (pdf 388 kB)

For any question, contact:

Xiao Chen
Research Engineer


Apr 06, 2017

In the Smart Mobility Lab researchers and students develop and test intelligent transportation solutions in simulated traffic situations with remote controlled model cars. By connecting vehicles with each other and the surrounding traffic system, the research aims at making transportation more energy efficient and secure. This means for example that trucks can save fuel by decreasing air resistance through platooning, or use GPS data to enable goods traffic to take the shortest route to the destination.

Research Platforms

Nov 26, 2014

We are currently working with four different platforms, namely the trucks, the quadrocopters, the Nexus mobile robots, and the research concept vehicle. You can know more about each of these agents by reading the text below.


Apr 23, 2019

The Smart Mobility Lab is used in a range of projects carried out at the Department of Automatic Control and other research laboratories.

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