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About DMMS

Cost effective manufacturing of advanced machine goods require world class competence. DMMS is a research and education center with the purpose to secure this competence. DMMS addresses the manufacturing of advanced, capital and knowledge intensive mechanical parts, such as automotive powertrain parts. A specific emphasis is put on the machining processes and the utilization of digital models and information feedback.

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Design & Management of Manufacturing Systems – DMMS was formed in 2005 on the initiative of Scania CV AB, AB Sandvik Coromant and the Royal Institute of Technology. The background to the initiative was partly a declining interest in production among the students and partly because the industry noticed that graduate students lacked satisfactory production technical knowledge. The industry parties also saw that there was a need to further train teachers and technicians at KTH in practical knowledge, and to be able to convey experiences of the methods used in the industry for advanced production.

In the early 2000s, there were few opportunities to find external funding for research projects in production and there was a need to gather strength around research and find new ways to finance and implement research projects. The idea was to coordinate resources for education and research in the field and to create conditions for in-depth knowledge development.

DMMS is an initiative organization of KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology Sweden. It is founded under the faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management and located in Stockholm, at the KTH Campus.