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Sustainability work

DMMS works with close links to industry and therefore mainly affects the sustainability goals that are linked to the industrial sector.

Cars on parkinglot from above
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The center focuses on the design and management of production equipment, where purchasing, efficiency and maintenance are important areas for increasing the sustainability of both the production equipment and the products that are manufactured. The research within the center leads, among other things, to increased accuracy and reduced waste by striving for all pieces to be right from the first piece, and streamlining manufacturing processes and maintenance.

Through its research activities and standard committee work, DMMS has contributed to the development of standards in tests and analysis methods within the SIS / ISO committee TK 491 and digital production support within the SIS / ISO committee TK280 to facilitate and create sustainability in production systems.

The global sustainability goals – the UN's SDG – which DMMS works with, are mainly linked to industry. The sub-goals are:

  • upgrading all industry and infrastructure for increased sustainability
  • increasing research efforts and technical capacity in the industrial sector.

Students from different regions of the world get the opportunity to work together in projects that DMMS initiates and runs. Through this, they gain experience from working together with industrial companies and different corporate cultures. The companies gain experience from students with different backgrounds and ethnicities.