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DMMS currently consists of the members KTH, Scania, Sandvik Coromant and Chalmers Center for Metal Cutting Research MCR.

DMMS works in close symbiosis with the main staff at the Department of Industrial Production IIP, and does therefore not have its own teachers and research resources at KTH. Activities are organized in three different focus areas: research, education and knowledge dissemination and networking. Representatives of DMMS members meet continuously in various working groups and forums to exchange experiences and together determine the direction of the business.

Working groups in DMMS


The education group meets four times a year with two representatives each from Sandvik Coromant, Scania and KTH. The group's purpose is to plan and follow up activities around education to ensure a current education in production.

Education and knowledge development is an important focus area for DMMS. The purpose of the training group is to, together with the members, continuously identify the needs for knowledge and competence within the field and translate it into activities such as new courses or course elements.


Research-related issues are conducted within DMMS by active members at board meetings and in smaller working groups and forums (see below). Research activities are planned according to a project plan. Ideas and suggestions for the plan come from the members via the various forums and joint meetings.

Knowledge dissemination and networking

Results from DMMS's activities are discussed within the framework of DMMS and MCR (the sister organization at Chalmers) joint forums. At meetings, opportunities are offered to find new activities that can then be used in research projects or for education. Information is mainly disseminated of activities and feedback during the annual membership days.


  • PVC Process Fluid Center (led by MCR and supported by DMMS)
  • FAV Forum for machine tool users (led by DMMS and supported by MCR)
  • IGC International Grinding Center (led by MCR and supported by DMMS)

The forums have their own management teams with chairman from industry partner and coordinator from the center.


DMMS's operations are managed by a board which, together with the center director, is responsible for the focus and operational development of the center. The board meets three to four times a year, when, among other things, reporting of completed, ongoing and planned activities and budget follow-up is done. The work takes place according to an overall annual cycle where various activities such as courses, member meetings / conferences and research calls are dealt with.