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Anna Sundström

(1785–1871) was a Swedish chemist.

Anna Sundström
Picture of Anna Sundström from the The Royal Swedish Academy of Science's portrait collection (KVA no. 4311), Center for the History of Science. The portrait is a watercolour on paper signed M. E. Winge 1872.

 She was an assistant and co-worker for chemist Jacob Berzelius from 1808 to 1836. Anna Sundström was Sweden's first female chemist an honor she is often allowed to share with Louise Hammarström.

In 1808 she became a housekeeper at Berzelius. She worked as an assistant and co-worker in his research and achieved a high knowledge of chemistry through this work. Sundström also served as a laboratory superintendent and supervised Berzelius students.

Every year, the Swedish Chemistry Society's section for inorganic chemistry awards the Anna Sundström Award to the most outstanding dissertation in inorganic chemistry.

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