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Are you a teacher and want to book a teaching activity in finding, evaluating, collecting and using scholarly information? The library offers teaching on different levels in the programs.

Students and teacher at KTH Library
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About the teaching

KTH Library offers teaching in order to strengthen students’ academic skills in terms of the abilities to find, evaluate, collect and use scholarly information. Interaction and active learning are key words for our teaching and it is adapted to fit into different stages in KTH:s educational programs. Our experience is that teaching will be best if it is planned and designed in collaboration between the teacher and the librarian.

Our teaching is for free if it is performed in the library's facilities. If the teaching is performed in another facility at KTH the School will be responsible for the cost of the room.

We offer a short introduction to KTH Library’s resources and teaching on different levels in the programs. Would you like to book KTH Library’s introduction or teaching? Use our booking form .

Different levels of teaching

Different levels of teaching

Appropriate when the students carry out a small project.

The student learns to:

- Identify what could be characterized as scholarly source of information
- Carry out a basic source critical evaluation of information sources
- Describe what a reference in a text is and why it is important to refer to sources in a scholarly text

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Appropriate when the students carry out a large project.

The student learns to:

- Through iterative searching find different kinds of relevant scholary sources of information
- Evaluate and choose among information sources from a critical perspective
- Use and communicate information sources in a correct and ethical way

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Appropriate as a preparation for thesis work.

The student learn to:

- Differentiate between different scientific sources of information and know the difference between the peer-review system and the reviewing within the patent system
- Use scientific information in a manner which respects immaterial property rights
- Formulate search questions specifically adapted to selected sources of information and perform iterative searching, in particular in patent databases

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