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New center for hydrogen research granted 50 million funding

A car getting fueled with Hydrogen.
The project PUSH is about producing, using and storing hydrogen. Photo: Istockphoto.
Published Jun 10, 2020

Göran Lindbergh, professor of electrochemistry at CBH, has been granted funding from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) to create a new center for research on production, use and storage of hydrogen (PUSH).

“Obviously, it is really great that the project has been approved, and I really look forward to getting started and to have the opportunity for deeper collaborations with a lot of talented researchers,” says Göran Lindbergh.

The project is about producing, using and storing hydrogen. The researchers will work on using electrolysis to produce hydrogen from water and renewable electricity, converting hydrogen into fuel cells to generate electricity in, for example, vehicles and the possibility to bind hydrogen to organic molecules to facilitate storage and distribution.

Göran Lindbergh.
Göran Lindbergh, professor of electrochemistry.

“We are seven groups at four universities (KTH, LU, Chalmers and UmU) and one research institute (RISE) involved in the project. Most of the funding will go towards funding doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows,” says Göran Lindbergh.

According to him, the project presents an opportunity to take a coordinated national approach to research on hydrogen as an energy carrier, an area that will only grow in importance as society moves towards greater sustainability.

PUSH is one of four new research centers in special strategic areas that will receive grants from SSF in the call for Agenda 2030 Research Centers (SSF-ARC). Each center receives SEK 50 million.

“The foundation wants to contribute to meeting the UN's sustainability goals. We are looking for solutions to some of the most pressing problems regarding climate change, energy and food supply and disease control,” says Lars Hultman, CEO of SSF.

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