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  • New opening of 2MILab

    Matthew Fielden
    Matthew Fielden, director of 2MILab, is satisfied that the entire operation is now located in Kemihuset at Teknikringen.
    Published Apr 13, 2023

    April 25 is the time for the new inauguration of the laboratory 2MILab, which has been located in Kemihuset since the turn of the year. “We welcome all users to come and mingle with us!” says Matthew...

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  • New head of department wants to invest more in EU funding

    Daniel Söderberg is the new Head of Department at the Department of Fiber and Polymer Technology.
    Daniel Söderberg is the new Head of Department at the Department of Fiber and Polymer Technology.
    Published Apr 11, 2023

    From 1 April, Daniel Söderberg is the new Head of Department at the Department of Fiber and Polymer Technology: “I look forward to a dynamic period and have high expectations for the new management...

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  • Linnea Hjelm has always been interested in the brain

    Researcher in lab holding a petri dish.
    Linnea Hjelm in the lab at the Department of Protein Science. Photo: Jon Lindhe, KTH
    Published Apr 11, 2023

    Linnea Hjelm is a recent PhD in protein science at KTH. Her thesis deals with the development of new proteins that could be used as biological drugs for neurodegenerative diseases. ”I have always bee...

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  • Yi Yang, Division of Applied Physical Chemistry

    Yi Yang.
    Yi Yang, doctoral student at the CBH-school.
    Published Mar 16, 2023

    Yi Yang’s doctoral thesis focuses on the design and synthesis of cost-effective catalysts used in fuel cells and water electrolyzers. “The electrolyzers and fuel cells are responsible for hydrogen pr...

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  • Finally time for an Open House in Flemingsberg

    Photo: KTH
    Published Mar 15, 2023

    On March 29 it’s time for an Open house in Flemingsberg for the first time since 2019. Then the whole campus opens up, with Open House also at Karolinska Institutet, Swedish Red Cross University, Söde...

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  • New research centre shaping the future of food

    Man and woman outdoors.
    Francisco Vilaplana and Rebecka Milestad have worked on starting KTH FOOD for several years. Photo: Jon Lindhe, KTH
    Published Mar 02, 2023

    KTH FOOD is a new research centre for sustainable and healthy food systems which aims to engage and align the education, research, and outreach competences at KTH towards a sustainable and healthy foo...

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  • Scalable Production of Spider Silk Nanowires

    Green droplets on black background.
    Droplets of soluble spider silk proteins.
    Published Feb 27, 2023

    Researchers from KTH have successfully up-scaled the process for producing and releasing spider silk nanowires. They used liquid bridge-induced assembly to create over 12 million of 10 μm long nanowir...

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  • KTH-led project develops next-generation biorefineries

    Photo of Efthymios Kantarelis.
    Efthymios Kantarelis, Associate Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering at KTH.
    Published Jan 31, 2023

    Researchers from KTH and Lund University will develop an integrated alcohol biorefinery for the production of industrially important chemicals (IIC) and energy carriers from Swedish biomass.

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  • Hydrogel based on food waste can protect the colon

    Field of corn.
    Researchers at KTH have invented a gel based on corn fibers. Photo: Jesse Gardner, Unsplash
    Published Jan 23, 2023

    A third of the raw material used in global food production is wasted each year. Researchers at KTH have found a new use for the part of the food that would otherwise be wasted. The invention is a gel ...

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  • CBH team receives prize for environmentally friendly sanitary products

    Björn Birdsong, Mercedes Bettelli and Antonio Capezza. Photo: Patrik Lundmark, KTH.
    Published Dec 14, 2022

    Antonio Capezza, a postdoc researcher at the Division of Polymeric Materials at CBH, has, together with his team at start-up SaniSOLE, won Stora Ingenjörspriset Innovation sponsored by Vattenfall. The...

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  • “We provide tools and methods to make a sustainable impact on society”

    Man in shirt in a lab.
    Antonius Van Maris, Head of the department of Industrial Biotechnology. Photo: Jon Lindhe, KTH
    Published Dec 08, 2022

    The department of Industrial Biotechnology does research and teaching on sustainable biotechnological production of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and fuels from renewable resources. ”Sustainability is...

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  • "Our success is based on scientific curiosity"

    Man in blue shirt.
    Peter Savolainen, Head of Deparment at Gene technology. Photo: KTH
    Published Dec 01, 2022

    12 research groups with different focus work at the Department of Gene Technology. The common denominator is their way of working with method development, mainly in medical problems. ”One of the ...

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  • ”I want everyone in my class to feel included”

    Sara Sebelius
    Sara Sebelius, photo: Michail Magkos
    Published Nov 23, 2022

    As a doctoral student, Sara Sebelius discovered how fun it is to teach. Despite being a very successful researcher, she found that it was even more fun to teach than to conduct research and be in the ...

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  • The research engineer who realised that teaching that was her thing

    Woman in front of wall with pictures.
    Sara Naumann remembers all the students that have passed through the institution over the years. Photo: Jon Lindhe, KTH
    Published Nov 17, 2022

    The department of Engineering Pedagogics, led by Sara Naumann, is an odd bird among KTH’s departments. It deals almost exclusively with education and has the overall responsibility for the qualifying ...

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  • ”I have my hobby as a job”

    Anders Cajander
    Anders Cajander is one of CBH's many committed teachers. Photo: Jon Lindhe, KTH.
    Published Nov 09, 2022

    Anders Cajander is lecturer and Head of the Division of Health Informatics and Logistics at campus Flemingsberg. He worked for many years in the business sector until he, in 2014, became a teacher at ...

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  • "The whole picture is our motto"

    Man in front of brick building.
    Mats Johansson. Photo: Sabina Fabrizi, KTH
    Published Oct 27, 2022

    The Department of Fiber and Polymer Technology is relatively large and its operations occupy almost two buildings on Teknikringen. The department was formed about 20 years ago by the merging of the de...

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  • Royal visit at SciLifeLab

    Six persons in a lab.
    The King and Queen of the Netherlands, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Maxima, and The King and Queen of Sweden, His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf and Her Majesty Queen Silvia visiting the national research infrastructure SciLifeLab. Charlotte Stadler, SciLifeLab/KTH is Head of the National Spatial Proteomics Facility and presented the facility together with Tony Ullman, research engineer. Photo: SciLifeLab
    Published Oct 19, 2022

    On 12 October, the Swedish Royal couple visited the national research infrastructure SciLifeLab together with the King and Queen of the Netherlands, to learn more about technologies to study cells and...

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  • Jonas Garemark, Fibre and Polymer Technology

    Jonas Garemark
    Jonas Garemark. Photo: Jon Lindhe, KTH.
    Published Oct 19, 2022

    The wood aerogels can be used as thermal insulation in buildings and for energy harvesting from water in order to create materials for self-sustained systems. Even though it’s a pure wood material, th...

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  • New centre for sports-related research at KTH

    Two men with a laptop. Man on exercise bike in the background.
    Andreas Chrysanthou, Joakim Dalfors and Jonas Willén in the lab in Flemingsberg. Photo: Sabina Fabrizi, KTH
    Published Oct 19, 2022

    The KTH Center for Sports Engineering is a newly started centre with that aims to improve sports training and equipment at all levels. The centre will be inaugurated next year and will be a point of c...

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  • István Furó: Our department is very heterogeneous

    Man in front of brick wall.
    Professor István Furó. Photo: Sabina Fabrizi, KTH
    Published Oct 11, 2022

    For the Department of Chemistry, the research evaluation RAE was decisive for the merger with the then Department of Theoretical Chemistry and Biology, even though the idea had already been there befo...

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