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  • Identified protein-ligand binding could contribute to early detection of Alzheimer’s disease

    Yogesh Todarwal.
    PhD student Yogesh Todarwal is first author of the article in the Journal of Physical Chemistry B where the results have recently been published. Photo: Jon Lindhe, KTH
    Published Dec 22, 2021

    Researchers at the department Theoretical Chemistry and Biology have contributed to the understanding of the interaction between markers and the proteins behind Alzheimer’s disease.

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  • New AI method provides a better understanding of our cells

    Emma Lundberg.
    Professor Emma Lundberg, Scilifelab.
    Published Dec 14, 2021

    A new AI-based method can give researchers a better understanding of the structure of our cells. Using the new technique, called Multi-Scale Integrated Cell (MuSIC), an international research team has...

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  • Xuying Wang, Surface chemistry and corrosion science

    Xuying Wang.
    Published Dec 08, 2021

    When assessing hazards of metals, alloys, and metal-containing items, the metal release (bioaccessibility) is of high importance. Triggered by increasingly stricter hazard classifications for metals, ...

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  • New Lifelong learning project group at CBH

    Per Berglund, LLL coordinator at CBH
    Per Berglund is LLL coordinator at CBH. Photo: Jon Lindhe, KTH
    Published Nov 25, 2021

    The number of Lifelong Learning courses (LLL) are increasing at CBH. A new working group has been formed in order to discuss and handle all matters of LLL. A new e-mail address has been created for co...

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  • Fangyuan Chang, Technology in Health Care

    Fangyuan Chang.
    Fangyuan Chang. Foto: Jon Lindhe, KTH
    Published Nov 24, 2021

    In her dissertation, Fangyuan Chang investigated the digitalization of social alarm systems in Swedish nursing homes.

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  • Secil Yilmaz Turan, Biotechnology

    Secil Yilmaz Turan.
    Published Oct 27, 2021

    In her dissertation, Secil Yilmaz Turan presents new materials developed from agricultural by-products.

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  • Shirin Khaliliazar, Fibre Technology

    Shirin Khaliliazar.
    Shirin Khaliliazar. Photo: Jon Lindhe, KTH
    Published Oct 14, 2021

    In her dissertation, Shirin Khaliliazar presents techniques that could be used for manufacturing fast and reliable self-tests on paper and textile for infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

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  • Faster battery recycling using ultrasound

    KTH researcher Xiong Xiao in laboratory.
    KTH scientist Xiong Xiao uses ultrasound in combination with acetic acid and citric acid, instead of sulfuric acid, to extract the metals from the batteries. Photo: Peter Ardell, KTH
    Published Oct 12, 2021

    As the electrification of society increases, so does the amount of used batteries that need to be recycled. Researchers at KTH have developed a new method to recycle valuable metals from used lithium ...

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  • Division of Ergonomics continues with Lifelong Learning courses

    Mikael Forsman, Professor in Ergonomics at KTH
    Mikael Forsman, Professor in Ergonomics at KTH, Photo: Adam Fredholm
    Published Oct 07, 2021

    KTH’s project Lifelong Learning continues and the division of Ergonomics launches new courses in work environment and ergonomics in spring 2022.

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  • Johan Rockberg awarded for his ability to share

    Dag Larsson, Johan Rockberg, Martin Skoglund and Mohammed Homman.
    Dag Larsson, Johan Rockberg, Atlas Antibodies (represented by Martin Skoglund) and Mohammed Homman all received prices from SwedenBIO. Photo: SwedenBIO
    Published Oct 06, 2021

    Johan Rockberg, professor in antibody technology at the CBH School, has been awarded the Life Science Star Award for ”Sharing is Caring” by Sweden Bio. The organization has handed out four awards to l...

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  • Teng Wang, Division of neuronic engineering

    Teng Wang
    Published Sep 22, 2021

    Teng Wang defended his dissertation "Electroosmosis based treatment approach for cerebral edema" on September 20th 2021. His research has already been noticed and he has made it to the covers of two j...

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  • Rickard Ånell, Division of Environmental Physiology

    Rickard Ånell i en tryckkammare.
    Rickard Ånell. Foto: Jon Lindhe. KTH
    Published Sep 08, 2021

    Rickard Ånell defends his dissertation "Decompression strain during long-duration, high-altitude exposures" on 17 September.

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  • Fracture setting method could replace metal plates

    Ben med tre skruvar och vitt kompositmaterial.
    Published Jun 24, 2021

    A new biocompatible polymer-based composite material could soon replace metal plates in treating difficult and unstable fractures. Developed at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, the newl...

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  • CBH researchers produce aerogels from nanofibers – in an ordinary freezer

    Jowan Rostami
    Jowan Rostami. Foto: Jon Lindhe, KTH.
    Published May 26, 2021

    Jowan Rostami, doctoral student in fibre technology at KTH, has developed a simplified and environmentally friendly method for producing nanocellulose-based aerogels. According to the researchers, the...

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  • Ergonomics tool from KTH internationally awarded

    Published May 20, 2021

    The KTH-developed tool RAMP has been downloaded in over a hundred countries worldwide. Now the researchers behind the tool are praised by one of the world's most respected journals in the field of erg...

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  • Ralph G Nuzzo elected to the National Academy of Sciences

    Nas logo and Ralph G Nuzzo.
    Photo: NAS
    Published May 11, 2021

    Ralph G Nuzzo, long-term affiliated professor in the Division of Surface and Corrosion Science at CBH, has been elected to the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

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  • Martin Lawoko – new professor in wood chemistry

    Martin Lawoko.
    Martin Lawoko. Foto: Jon Lindhe, KTH
    Published May 03, 2021

    At the turn of the millennium, Martin Lawoko began his doctoral studies at KTH. Now, 21 years later, he has been appointed professor of wood chemistry. Martin's research group will invest heavily in b...

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  • Production of biopharmaceuticals in a large-scale continuous process tested by CBH researchers

    Forskare i labb.
    Veronique Chotteau och fyra doktorander i labbet på AlbaNova. Foto: Jon Lindhe, KTH
    Published Apr 28, 2021

    Researchers at the CBH School will make an attempt to produce a continuous process for the production of biopharmaceuticals on an industrial scale. The trial is the first of its kind in Sweden.

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  • Welcome Professor Barbara Nozière

    Porträttfoto av Barbara Nozière.
    Foto: Privat
    Published Mar 31, 2021

    Barbara Nozière, professor in Physical Chemistry, just started at the CBH School. The former Director of Research at Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Lyon recently received an ERC Advan...

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  • International project aims to improve endometriosis treatment

    FEMaLe-projektets logga och Jayanth Raghothama.
    Jayanth Raghothama. Foto: Privat
    Published Mar 18, 2021

    Endometriosis affects an estimated 200 million women around the world. Now, the EU is supporting a major international research project that aims to improve the treatment and quality of life of those ...

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