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  • Cancer cell research may be used to accelerate coronavirus testing

    Professor Cecilia Williams walking in her laboratory at SciLifeLab, Solna. Doctoral students are working in the laboratory.
    Doctoral students, from left, Dandan Song, Linnea Pettersson and Madeleine Birgersson work at SciLifeLab with Professor Cecilia Williams. The researchers hope to be able to contribute to an increased number of virus tests in the community.
    Published Apr 22, 2020

    The turnaround time for coronavirus test results could soon be shortened by several days, with the help of technology that has been developed for cancer cell research.

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  • KTH lab switches gears to fast-track open source COVID-19 home test

    A paper-based DNA testing is process is being studied for possible use as a self-administered corona virus test method.
    Published Apr 06, 2020

    A research lab at KTH Royal Institute of Technology is repurposing its point-of-care DNA diagnostics research with the aim of producing a paper strip corona virus self-testing kit. If successful, the ...

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  • "We must find a solution somehow”

    Published Apr 03, 2020

    Professor Eva Malmström Jonsson is starting her new job as director of the Wallenberg Wood Science Center, WWSC, by having to manage lab operations from home. “In times of a pandemic we need to find ...

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  • Corona antibody test development drives forward

    The novel corona virus, SARS-CoV-2
    Published Mar 24, 2020

    A drop of blood is all that’s needed to tell if someone has been infected by the corona virus. A research team from KTH has begun developing an effective serological test for COVID-19 antibodies.

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  • Ivars Neretnieks – 60 years in KTH’s service

    Ivars Neretnieks. Foto: Jon Lindhe
    Published Mar 12, 2020

    After more than 60 years at KTH, Ivars Neretnieks, professor emeritus in chemical engineering, has submitted his very last grading protocol for his last doctoral student. “When I realized that this w...

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  • Caring Services Professor a sounding board for minister

    Professor Britt Östlund. Photo: Susanne Kronholm
    Published Mar 09, 2020

    Britt Östlund, Professor of Technology in Health Care, has been appointed a member of the government’s elderly care research council.

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  • ‘Of mice and men’ – Brain differences require caution in lab animal tests

    Image of mouse brain, from the Human Brain Atlas.
    A stained image of a mouse brain features parts of the cerebral cortex. (Image: Human Brain Atlas)
    Published Mar 06, 2020

    The kinds of proteins in lab animals’ brains aren’t different from those of humans, but a new study shows that there are important differences in where they are located. One of the study’s leaders, KT...

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  • Wei Zhang is searching for new materials for perovskite solar cells

    Published Feb 26, 2020

    Wei Zhang, doctoral student in Applied Physical Chemistry at KTH, will on February 28 defend his thesis "Functional Materials for Perovskite Solar Cells", where he investigated alternative materials f...

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  • Better knowledge of dangerous substances can prevent life-long allergies

    Allergenic substances are constantly present in our everyday lives. To respond to the growing problem of allergies in society, Yolanda Hedberg calls for increased cooperation between chemists and dermatologists.
    Published Feb 24, 2020

    An estimated 4,300 common chemicals in society can trigger an allergic reaction on contact. “Chemists and dermatologists need to work together to tackle the growing problem with allergies,” says Yola...

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  • Cellulose technology enables swift scaling up of cotton recycling enterprise

    The Re:newcell founders, from left, KTH Professor Mikael Lindström, Christofer Lindgren, Malcolm Norlin and KTH Professor Gunnar Henriksson
    Published Feb 12, 2020

    Ethanol production was the aim when two KTH Royal Institute of Technology professors first developed their method for breaking down plant cellulose about 10 years ago. Now the technology has enabled t...

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  • They were once domestic pets, then natural selection made dingoes wild

    Foto: Berndt Hildebrandt, Pixabay
    Published Feb 11, 2020

    Believed to have been pets at one stage in their evolution, the origins of the Australian dingo are shrouded in mystery, compelling generations of biologists to snoop for clues about their early histo...

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  • Surgeon neck problems under the loupe

    Foto: Scotth23, Pixabay
    Published Feb 10, 2020

    Mikael Forsman, Professor of Ergonomics, has received funding to develop new technology for surgical loupes.

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  • Faster production of a perfect particle

    Published Feb 10, 2020

    Researchers at KTH, with Professor Michael Malkoch leading the way, have developed a way to speed the production of so-called dendrimers, a precision polymer with several application areas within medi...

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  • System would keep ships from releasing sulfur and nitrogen oxides

    A new technology being developed at KTH could help shipping companies comply with new international maritime rules on toxic emissions. Pictured are researchers Christophe Duwig, left, and Klas Engvall, professor of Chemical Engineering. (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)
    Published Jan 24, 2020

    Pollution from maritime vessels is largely overlooked by the media, but it plays a significant role in deteriorating air quality. Now a research team from KTH is developing new technology aimed at cle...

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  • Armin Halilovic Teacher of the year at KTH

    Armin Halilovic is Teacher of the year. Photo: Karl Börjeson, Studio Slakthuset AB
    Published Dec 20, 2019

    Armin Halilovic, Associate Professor of mathematics who teaches at the CBH’s Department of Basic Natural Sciences in Flemingsberg, has been named Teacher of the Year for the entire KTH by the Swedish ...

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  • Immune cell map arms researchers with new tool to fight deadly diseases

    KTH Professor Mathias Uhlen says the Blood Atlas provides a much-needed "comprehensive map" for researchers in the fight against disease.
    Published Dec 19, 2019

    A first-ever map of the human body’s immune cells has been created by scientists at SciLifeLab, providing medical research with a detailed description of the proteins in human blood. The open-access d...

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  • Chemistry programmes receives million investment for bio-based education

    The development of what trees as a raw material can be used for is progressing fast. Therefore, KTH's chemistry courses should also be updated to keep up with research and industry. Photo: Manfred Antranias Zimmer
    Published Dec 17, 2019

    With this economic addition, KTH’s study programmes in chemistry can further customize their courses towards sustainable technology with focus on wood science.

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  • Students make their ideas come true in new Makerspace

    Electrodes are connected between Viktor Stedt’s arm and a prosthesis made of wood. When he strechtes his arm, the prosthesis does the same. Photo: Kenneth Carlsson
    Published Nov 29, 2019

    A 3D studio, fine mechanical crafting tools and a social meeting point give KTH Flemingsberg’s students new opportunities to take their ideas to the next level.

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  • Wood is the surprising ingredient in electrodes for wearables

    Close-up view of wood and MXene composite, with 40 percent wood cellulose nano fibrils (CNF)
    Published Nov 25, 2019

    Wood fibres are being used by researchers at KTH to create a new class of stronger and lower-cost electrodes for even lighter and long-lasting flexible electronics and wearables.

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  • Peta Sjölander will lead MedTechLabs

    Foto: Fredrik Persson
    Published Nov 20, 2019

    The associate professor at KTH's School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health, now enters the position as director for the competence centre MedTechLabs.

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