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Anselme Payen Award to Lars Berglund

Lars Berglund and the CELL logo.
The Anselme Payen Award is awarded every year by the American Chemical Society. Photo: KTH, ACS
Published May 31, 2023

Lars Berglund, professor at the Division of Biocomposites at KTH, receives the prestigious chemistry prize Anselme Payen Award.

“It's nice to be noticed and to receive international recognition from fellow researchers,” says Lars Berglund.

The prize is awarded every year by the American Chemical Society: Cellulose and Renewable Materials (CELL) Division : “to honor and encourage outstanding professional contributions to the science and chemical technology of cellulose and its allied products.”

Lars Berglund is awarded with a medal in bronze and the prize money of 3,000 dollars, for his significant contributions in the in the area of hybrid 2D materials, conductive composite materials, materials for energy storage and porous materials among others.

“We have had good long-term funding through the Wallenberg Wood Science Center, which has made it easier to work with basic research questions. We chose early on to focus on materials from nanocellulose, and it turned out in retrospect to be a recipe for success,” says Lars Berglund and continues:

“Industrial use of nanocellulose is increasing sharply with many applications, from for example strong cardboard materials to transparent films for electronic use.”

Lars Berglund will be presented with the Anselme Payen Award at the American Chemical Society's Spring National Meeting in New Orleans in 2024. He is not the first KTH professor to receive the award. It was given to Ann-Christine Albertsson, Professor emeritus at the Department of Polymer Technology, in 2019.

Text: Jon Lindhe

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