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Surgeon neck problems under the loupe

Foto: Scotth23, Pixabay
Published Feb 10, 2020

Mikael Forsman, Professor of Ergonomics, has received funding to develop new technology for surgical loupes.

Professor Mikael Forsman.

The research idea came to him when he gave a lecture on ergonomics to the Swedish Surgical Society. An ophthalmologist explained that she and her colleagues were no longer able to reverse their cars due to work-related neck problems.

Working standing in an awkward position and wearing heavy surgical loupes and a surgical head lamp can lead to musculoskeletal disorders and pain. Forsman is now going to investigate whether it is possible to use so-called prismatic magnifying loupes within precision surgery. The loupes act like binoculars with inbuilt mirrors that cause your field of vision to be angled downwards. The research is being financed with a SEK 2.3 million grant from AFA Försäkring.

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Last changed: Feb 10, 2020