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Ralph G Nuzzo elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Nas logo and Ralph G Nuzzo.
Photo: NAS
Published May 11, 2021

Ralph G Nuzzo, long-term affiliated professor in the Division of Surface and Corrosion Science at CBH, has been elected to the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

“It’s humbling. It is a very high honor and I feel speaks to a recognition that your research has been impactful. That’s what I feel best about, that my work has been read and appreciated by my peers,” says Professor Nuzzo.

He is one of 120 new members elected to NAS in 2021. The Academy is a private, nonprofit organization of the leading researchers in the USA, established in 1863 and charged with providing independent, objective advice to the nation on matters related to science and technology. 

“The NAS is an institution that performs many important forms of service in the United States. Through its work it can deeply and beneficially impact how policies in many areas of global importance are developed and carried out. There are so many issues confronting society at the moment where the guidance science can afford is essential if progress is to be made. That is what I would like to do most, to help solve important problems for all our benefit,” says Ralph G Nuzzo.

Guest professor at CBH

He has been a guest professor at the CBH School since 2019 and affiliated professor in the Division of Surface and Corrosion Science since 2014. The research exchange first started in 2011, when he met Professor Mark Rutland at a conference.

“There was a program the KTH shared with The University of Illinois that renewed my connections with Professor Rutland in areas of research and instruction. There is a unique quality of the Swedish people and their institutions that I enjoy very much. I learn so much from my interactions with both, and it has influenced the way I approach my work now. The KTH is a world class research University, one made so by its faculty and students. I really love that I had a chance to work and interact with both cohorts.

Inspiring mentor

According to Mark Rutland, Ralph Nuzzo has been an inspiring mentor to a whole generation at the department of chemistry. And even as his guest professor’s appointment ends in 2021, Professor Nuzzo will continue as affiliated professor at CBH.

“There are lots of things we could work on, engagements with programs where I might be able to help. With the two shots of the Moderna vaccine in hand (well, in arm), I hope I will be able to return to Stockholm soon. Most directly, if the need presents it would be fun to rerun our course on Materials Characterization using the new resources for the practica that have been developed during the past year in response to the suspension of in class meetings. And Professor Rutland will hopefully have a chocolate ball waiting for me when we have our afternoon meeting over coffee!” says Ralph Nuzzo.

Text: Jon Lindhe

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