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The school's organisation

The school's work is described through the established scheme of delegation. CBH is led by the Head of School, and the work is delegated as seen in the organisational chart.

Organisation chart over CBH School. 1. Head of School, who has the overall responsibility for the school. 2. Administration, with subgroups in finance, HR, communications, educational office and infrastructure. 3. Educational directors. 4. The schools nine departments.

Download CBH's organisational chart. (pdf 30 kB)

Overview – CBH School organisation

  • The Head of School, the First Deputy Head of School and the Deputy Head of School have the overall responsibility of managing the work at CBH. They are supported by the Strategic Council and the CBH Management Group.
  • The school's administration consists of seven units: Finance, HR, Infrastructure, IT, Communications, Servicecenter and School's office of students affairs.
  • The education at the school is administered by the Director of First and Second Cycle Education (GA), the Deputy Director of First and Second Cycle Education and the Council for First and Second Cycle Education, as well as the Director of Third Cycle Education (FA), the Deputy Director of Third Cycle Education and the Quality Council for Third Cycle Education.
  • The CBH School has nine departments: Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Fibre and Polymer Technology, Gene Technology, Protein Science, Industrial Biotechnology, Theoretical Chemistry and Biology, and Engineering Pedagogics – each of which is governed by a Head of Department and a Deputy Head of Department.