Studies in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

At the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science we educate engineers, master students and researchers in electrical engineering and computer science. We are located at two different campuses in Stockholm.

The courses and study programmes have a high international standard and give practical experience in cooperation with the industry. Teachers are engaged pedagogues and competent within their fields.


The school offers a bachelor's programme, master programmes and doctoral studies in English for international students. There is one bachelor programme in information and communication technology. On advanced level there are 15 master programmes and we offer doctoral studies in four fields.

Bachelor's programme

Information and Communication Technology

Master's programme

Doctoral studies (PhD)

The school works in close cooperation with the industry and the research is at the technical leading edge in its field. The studies prepare the students for a career within both industry and research.

The school offers studies within the areas

  • Computer Science
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mediated Communication.

About doctoral studies

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