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Energy Dialogue 2015

Energy Dialogue is the annual gathering of the KTH Energy Research Platform, bringing academics together with industry and policymakers. Held on campus at KTH Nov 26, 2015 and featuring lectures, panel discussions and Ph.D poster exhibits, Energy Dialogue gave participants a look at how science can contribute to a sustainable energy future for Sweden and the world

A 3-minute summary is available directly below, and full conference proceedings are available from the links on this page.

Opening remarks - Prof. Ramon Wyss, VP International Affairs

Opening remarks - Olga Kordas and Lars Nordstrom

Presentation - Uwe Remme, International Energy Agency

Interview, Uwe Remme - International Energy Agency

Jan Nordling, The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

Panel Discussion - Uwe Remme and Jan Nordling

Björn E Palm, Göran Lindbergh and Ulla Mörtberg - presentations

Panel discussion - Björn E. Palm, Göran Lindbergh and Ulla Mörtberg

Dr. Justin Chiu - UNI-SET project, KTH

Vattenfall Energy Award - Jacques Pellis, Head of Recruitment Sweden at Vattenfall

Vattenfall Energy Award - Celia Carvajal

Vattenfall Energy Award - Raphael Ebenhoch

Anders Egelrud - Managing Director, AB Fortum Värme

Magnus Berg, R&D Portfolio Manager, Vattenfall

Magnus Hahn, Senior Manager, Research Support Office at Scania

Industry Panel Discussion - Anders Egelrud, Magnus Berg, Magnus Hahn

Concluding remarks - Prof. Lars Nordström

Maria Xylia - Ph.D Candidate

Dennis Dreier - Ph.D Candidate

Annika Carlson, Ph.D Candidate

Rafael Guédez - Ph.D Candidate KTH Media Production KTH Media Production