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  • KTH Great Prize goes to Robyn

    Recording artist Robyn is this year’s recipient of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s Great Prize. "So far, it feels unreal and enormously solemn. I may try to take it in a little bit by bit, I think," said Robyn, whose actual name is Robin Miriam Carlsson.

  • Update on The Robot Project: The robot named!

    According to the previously established schedule, the project would be completed in early January. But just before Christmas, a bit ahead of schedule, the students were able to present their creation in front of tutors, friends and families.

  • Rocking robot pays tribute to Robyn

    When a team of mechatronics students built a robot dedicated to Robyn, they didn't expect the pop star to become personally involved. The dancing "Robyt" makes its world debut this week and earns props from its inspiration.

  • Encore for Robyn's tech fest for girls at KTH

    When Robyn teamed up Sweden's KTH Royal Institute of Technology last year to present a technology festival for girls, it was proposed as a one-time event. But due to popular demand, the singer-songwriter's Tekla Festival is back for an encore on April 9, 2016.

  • "The Robot Project" wins several awards in 2014

    The project, which involved the well-known Swedish artist Robyn along with students from MMK division Mechatronics, started in spring 2013 and was completed in March 2014.

  • Robyn and KTH launch tech festival for girls

    Swedish pop star Robyn wants more women to make careers for themselves in technology. So she's launching a special festival aimed at opening young girls' eyes to the creative possibilities of studying technology.