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  • Physics prize both expected, and unexpected

    Particle physicists at KTH had nearly given up hope that the discovery of mass within the universe's smallest components, neutrinos, would be recognized with a Nobel Prize.

  • KTH Physicists Cheer Higgs Discovery

    Particle physicists at KTH were jubilant following Wednesday’s announcement that the international research team working with the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland had discovered nearly indisputable evidence of the existence of the elusive Higgs boson. First described theoretically in 1964, the Higgs is seen as the last major piece of the physics puzzle known as the Standard Model. “Everyone in our group is incredibly excited that our work has contributed to this historic discovery,” says researcher Bengt Lund-Jensen.

  • Social site makes research papers more accessible

    It has been called the Facebook for researchers. Researchgate is a web-based social networking platform where researchers from around the world are able to communicate with one another through uploading their scientific articles, follow research colleagues’ contributions and ask questions or exchange ideas on a forum.

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