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Solar-driven fridges, a winning concept

Published Dec 20, 2010

With the sun as an energy source and nanotechnology as the tool, two KTH students have managed to produce a cheap fridge that runs on solar power. This idea is so smart that the company behind the invention has now been awarded the newly instituted Innovation Prize Student 2010.

SolarCool is a company that produces cheap, solar-powered fridges; this solves an important problem for millions of people. The fridge is very easy to transport which makes it possible for SuperCool to create long-term benefits in developing countries. This is because the fridge enables the storage of food, water and medicines in exposed areas that lack electricity.

The criteria upon which to receive the Innovation Award Student 2010 is that it should be awarded to a person or group at a university or university college that has created an innovative product or business, and the reasoning behind the decision is as follows:

“With a global ambition and with a passion for community involvement, they are attempting to solve a crucial problem in many developing countries. With the sun as an energy source and with nanotechnology as the tool, they have developed a fridge that is run without electricity. That is why SolarCool was awarded the Innovation Prize Student 2010.”

Behind the prize is the business magazine Veckans affärer. The jury consists of Lena Treschow-Torell from IVA, Anna Körnung, chief editor at Veckans affärer, Jonas Wiström, managing director of ÅF, Ulf Lindberg, economic policy director at Almega, Charlotte Brogren, director general at Vinnova, Anders Flodström from KTH and Anders Snell, chairman of Åforsk.

For more information, contact SolarCool’s founder Mikael Andersson on 0702 - 91 69 25.

Peter Larsson