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  • Changes in the Professional support's management group

    Rose-Marie Kellqvist Sundström quits as Head of Finance at EECS. Anette Arling takes over as Acting Head of the Finance unit with Ronny Sagborn as Deputy. Sara Johansson will be Deputy Head of Administration until 30 June.

  • They work with equality, diversity and equal treatment (JML) at EECS

    We spoke with Elizabeth All, Dena Hussain and Rob Comber, who work together on equality, diversity and equal treatment at EECS. Read more about what the JML group does, how they intend to work with the issue and why they think this is important.

  • EECS Summer event education committee

    The summer event consists of one educational track where we aspire to highlight the excellence and breadth of education at our school through short discussions. We have talked to Philipp Haller, chairperson of the event's educational programme committee, about their work with putting the programme together.

  • Summary of the All employee meeting (AEM)

    Did you miss AEM on 10 March? Don't worry, here comes the summary and the presentation. Among other things, Sonja Berlijn talked about the situation in Ukraine and the Kista project.

  • Summary of the All employee meeting (AEM)

    Did you miss AEM on 21 April? No problems, here comes the summary and presentation. Head of School Sonja Berlijn gave us an update about the premises project and changes within the school's centres.

  • Summary of the All employee meeting (AEM)

    Did you miss AEM on 19 May? No problems, here comes the summary and presentation. Among other things, Head of School Sonja Berlijn, gave us news from the departments and information on the RAE quality processes.

  • With focus on delivering an excellent administrative support

    The professional support gathered at a conference where the theme was "close to business". We spoke with the school's Head of Administration Joakim Palestro about his thoughts and conclusions on how we can provide the best support.

  • Meet our new doctoral student recruiter

    We have spoken with Lisa Olsson who supports the school's divisions with doctoral student recruitment. Here you can both read more about how she can support you and about her great interest in surfing.

  • They will perform at the summer event

    We have talked to Bob Sturm, who, together with his band Irish Music Learners of Stockholm, will be in charge of the entertainment at the EECS Summer event on 8 June. For example, they will be playing tunes generated by computer algorithms in the style of Irish and Swedish traditional dance music.

  • Ann Lantz on the teachers' conference

    We spoke to Ann Lantz, Director of First and Second Cycle Education at EECS, about the teachers' meeting on 25 April.

  • Wonder about the school's cleaning routines?

    How often are your office space, nearest toilet, and kitchen cleaned? And what is each employee's responsibility? Karolin Södertun-Zehgbi explains the routines in the interview.

  • EECS' year in review 2022

    In a workplace with over 1000 employees, and research and education in some of society's most current areas, there's always a lot going on. Every week, the school's communication unit monitors and produces news for you to stay updated. See which internal news was the most clicked in the pEECS newsletter.

  • Merry Christmas!

    The school's management wishes you all a merry Christmas and a lovely, well-deserved holiday.

  • Summary of the All employee meeting

    Did you miss AEM on 24 November or want to remember what was being said? Here's a summary and the presentation.

  • How you make an error reporting if you're cold at work

    We have talked to Marco, the group leader at the Infrastructure and Service unit. Energy savings is high on everyone's agenda; unfortunately, many people feel it is too cold on our premises. Marco, let us know how you can make an error report and what happens to it.

  • Sold-out course within Lifelong learning

    During the last week of November, the lifelong learning course "RF Measurements - a course in applied spectrum and network analysis" took place. The course, which was intended for professional engineers within radio measurement technology, was a success.

  • The professional support's Christmas buffet

    The professional support will have its Christmas buffet on 8 December at the Vasa museum. If you work at EECS' professional support, you can register up until 3 November.

  • Summary of All employee meeting (AEM)

    Did you miss AEM on 29 September? No worries, here comes the summary and presentation. Head of school Sonja Berlijn informed, among other things, about the ongoing organisational and social safety rounds, the development plan for Kista and the autumn term's admission statistics.

  • EECS is hiring a new programme director

    The school is currently hiring a new programme director (PA) for the degree programme Computer Engineering (TIDAB). The new assignment starts on 1 January 2023 and the estimated workload is 25 per cent of a full-time position. Apply by 30 November at the latest.

  • New director at the ICT doctoral programme

    Masoumeh "Azin" Ebrahimi is the new program director for the Information and Communication Technology doctoral program. Listen to her talk about the biggest challenges in the new role and how she wants to promote diversity and inclusion and raise the students' innovation level.

  • The professional support is switching premises in Kista

    In September, the professional support (VS) will move into EIT's old premises in Kista. VS will share the office space with the new research centre, Senseable Stockholm Lab (SSL). We have talked to the school's Head of Administration, Joakim Palestro, about the move.

  • Summary of the All employee meeting (AEM)

    This years first AEM was held on 1 February by Acting Head of School Ann Lantz. Among other things, she talked about the changes in the school's management. Read the summary and download the presentation here.

  • EECS is looking for a new Director of First and Second Cycle Education

    The assignment for the Director of First and Second Cycle Education (GA) ends at the end of the year and the school therefore needs to appoint a new GA. The new GA would start during spring 2023. Send your application by 28 February.

  • Farewell reception for Jens Zander

    On Friday 27 January, the former Head of School Jens Zander was celebrated at a farewell reception in the Lounge in Kista.

  • University director: Significant benefits with Professional support merger

    University director Kerstin Jacobsson visited the schools' professional support (VS) to provide an update on the merger.

  • Summary of the All employee meeting (AEM)

    Did you miss AEM on 27 October? No problems, here comes the summary and presentation.

  • The finance unit is understaffed

    EECS' finance unit is currently understaffed, which will affect the unit's deliveries for a period. For example, errands and response times may take longer. We have talked about the situation with Anette Arling, acting finance manager.

  • Looking for student ambassadors

    Every year our student ambassadors talk to thousands of prospective students. They are one of KTH's most valuable assets in student recruitment. This year is no different. Find out what a student ambassador does, who will represent EECS this year and which programmes are missing ambassadors.

  • Summary of the All employee meeting (AEM)

    Did you miss AEM on 25 August? No problems, here comes the summary and presentation. Among other things, Head of School Sonja Berlijn, informed how the school takes actions to reduce incidents in chemical handling, the operational plan and the move of the professional support in Kista.

  • KTH Kista is under development

    The library is taking a more digital approach by moving its physical books to Campus Valhallavägen, there are big plans for a new student learning environment and two new research centras—all in favour of future education. Head of School Sonja Berlijn lets us in on the plans.

  • New director at KTH's biggest doctoral programme

    Mats Bengtsson is the new programme director for the doctoral programme in Electrical Engineering. Hear him talk about the programmes' plans to prevent stress and promote social connections and mentorship among doctoral students.

  • How to make purchases

    KTH is a government body and all employees need to know what rules apply. We have spoken with the school's new purchasing manager, Maria Berthelius. She explains, among other things, how you should buy a product or service, but also why it is so important that we do it correctly.

  • "The preparation for exams has no beginning or end – we are constantly working on this"

    We present employees at the school's University administration in a series of articles. This week we talked to Erika, Kristin, Maria and Malin, who work at the School's Office of Student Affairs with the school's exam administration. Read about the preparation and post-processing of the exam period, when they all got sick simultaneously and how they relax after the hectic weeks.

  • Students & staff: Updated information regarding the explosion in Kista

    In the early morning of 18 January, an explosion occurred in the Electrum 1 building in Kista, where KTH has premises. Here you will find an update on the incident.

  • Speak out through KTH's employee survey

    Earlier this week, you received an invitation via email to do KTH's employee survey. Take the chance to contribute with your opinion and to be involved in influencing your work environment!

  • The MST spin-off machine

    Since the start of KTH Innovation in 2007, researchers, students and employees have founded 250 companies that are still active. Out of those, 11 are spin-offs from the division of Micro and Nanosystems. What is the secret behind this spin-off success?

  • Cyrille Artho new director of CASTOR

    Cyrille Artho is the new Director of the CASTOR Software research centre. He’s lived in Japan for 11 years, where he worked on analysing networked software and testing together with software security. In his spare time, he likes to run in the forest close to KTH.

  • Women still a minority in EECS' programmes

    For this year's International Women's Day, the UN celebrate the women who are championing the advancement of technology and digital education. At EECS, only 24 percent of all students are women. But the long-term work continues.

  • Fill the Gap aims to increase student gender equality

    The number of women working in the technology industry remains low. This is also reflected in KTH's study programmes. KTH's Fill the Gap initiative looks to change that.

  • EECS is looking for a head of faculty renewal

    The assignment for the current head of faculty renewal (FFA) ends at the end of the year and the school therefore needs to appoint a new FFA.

  • Sara Johansson appointed new Deputy Head of Administration at EECS

    As the administrative support for the school management grows, the school's office has strengthened its capacity with a new a Deputy Head of Administration.

  • Cleaning of group e-mail addresses

    The IT department has started cleaning up old group addresses.

  • How strong is your password?

    Students from our master's programme in Cybersecurity have created a list of four simple things we can do to improve our internet security. Do you follow them all?

  • Get to know Stefan at the Infrastructure and service unit

    He walks up to 16,000 steps daily and ensures you have a working office space and a functioning coffee machine in your nearest kitchen. Meet the caretaker Stefan Sundström, who worked as an actor in advertising and as a security driver for ambassadors before he started at KTH.

  • Get to know Goran, the school's controller

    When Goran Seradji is not juggling numbers, he climbs mountains and spends time with his daughter. When he started at KTH last November, he felt that the circle was closed - read why in the article.

  • Get to know Karl at HR

    When Karl is not supporting the school's divisions with personnel administration, he throws the occasional piece of paper at an HR colleague or organises an after-work. He gave up playing the saxophone; he felt sorry for the neighbours.

  • Get to know Natasha at HR

    She's a binge-watching series-loving mommy clown in her spare time and at work, a supportive HR administrator. Get to know Natasha Kapama at the EECS HR Unit.

  • Get to know the new finance manager

    How can the finance unit be compared to a garden, and what are the three most essential experiences Karin brings to her new role? Meet EECS's new financial manager Karin and read about her plans for the financial unit.

  • Here is the school's new communication manager

    Meet Sturle Hauge Simonsen, the new head of the communication unit at EECS.

  • Hi Andreas, new Head of the Infrastructure and service unit

    We have spoken with Andreas Sjögren, the new Head of the Infrastructure and service unit.

  • Get to know Linnea, group leader at the Service Center

    You may recognise Linnea Sundling from one of the school's Service Centers, which she moves between as needed. Before starting as a group leader at Infrastructure and Service, she worked in a hotel reception and has a bachelor's degree in Tourism Science.

  • EECS admits more students to increase revenue

    This is how the school will increase its income from education while developing world-class education for the future. Director of first and second cycle education, Markus Hidell, reflects on his vision for future education and the President’s requirements for balanced finances.

  • Everything you need to know about the EECS summer event

    Haven't decided whether to sign up for the summer event? Or have you missed it is happening? Keep reading for all the information you need and – not least – to feel the excitement!

  • Join the nomination committee for the new EECS Faculty Board

    To increase the collegial influence within the management of the schools, KTH has decided to implement Faculty Boards at each school. Board members will be elected via a nomination committee consisting of school employees.

  • Here are EECS' new acting Deputy Heads of School

    Henrik Artman and Markus Hidell are EECS's new acting Deputy Heads of School. This applies from 1 September until a regular head of school is appointed and, at the latest, until 31 March 2024. Get to know them by reading the interview!

  • Hi Anton, Borggården's new IT technician!

    Meet Borggården's new IT support, Anton Eklind. He replaces Mattias Jonsson, who is on leave. Don't hesitate to turn to him with your technical concerns.

  • Lisa Olsson supports managers in recruitment

    Since she started at EECS a year ago, Lisa Olsson has supported the school's divisions during the doctoral recruitment process. We spoke to her about her role, how it has developed and why hiring managers should continue to use the service.

  • Get to know Nilgün

    This is Nilgün Aydin, study counsellor for the 5-year engineering programme in Information Technology. In her job, she makes sure, among other things, that the students get important information in good time and supports them when things are tough.

  • Meet our new Director of Third Cycle Education

    Since 1 July, György Dán is the school's new Director of Third Cycle Education (FA). We have talked to him about the new assignment.

  • "It made me realise how much is in our hands”

    At KTH, we have devoted teachers who go above and beyond daily to inspire, educate, and mentor the next generation of engineers, scientists, and innovators. Listen to what a few say about moments significantly impacting their educational profession.

  • Lifelong Learning at EECS – Now and later

    Tackling teachers' greatest fears, recognising our strengths, and a strong internal commitment is Patrik Hilber's recipe for shaping the future of lifelong learning. This article provides insight into how EECS addresses challenges to redefine the boundaries of education, making knowledge accessible to everyone, regardless of age or background.

  • New internship course gives students valuable experience

    The course has the potential to impact not only the students' future but also KTH's reputation as a leading educational institution in engineering.

  • They have a crucial role in student recruitment

    Every year, the ambassadors guide almost 100 groups on campus, answer 2000 enquiries, visit schools and participate in educational fairs. When asked, approximately half of the prospective students say they have become more interested in applying to KTH after one of these interactions.

  • Faculty board candidates proceed to interviews and open hearing

    The ongoing EECS Faculty Board elections have hardly escaped anyone's attention. Now, you can see the nominated candidates and determine how the selection process works. The next step is an open hearing on 25 October.

  • Get to know Susy, third-cycle educational administrative officer

    "Which KTH?" exclaimed Susy Mathew when KTH called her almost 25 years ago after she registered with the Swedish Public Employment Service. Since then, she has worked in several roles, the last ten years as a third-cycle educational administrative officer for EECS's four doctoral programmes.

  • Get to know the international coordinator Christina

    ” Right person, right place, right time, " said someone, pointing at the globetrotter Christina Gabrielsson working as an international coordinator. KTH's own Carrie Bradshaw look-a-like, guides the students to their exchange studies.

  • Meet Karolin, third-cycle educational administrative officer at EECS

    This is Karolin Sköldborg, third-cycle educational administrative officer at EECS. She loves her job but wishes it was in her favourite country, Italy.

  • Jonna helps you with contracts

    Jonna Holmlund Åsman works as contract coordinator at EECS. Read about what she does and when to contact her.

  • Get to know Viktor – caretaker and work environment fan

    Viktor doesn't just ensure your desk chair or light bulb works. He also skims safety data sheets on chemicals or points out dangers in your work environment. And then it was that time when he quickly created a fire-resistant battery charging cabinet. He also loves everything that is near the water but prefers to stay dry.

  • Support during summer

    During the summer the Professional support is on site, but to a limited extent. Opening hours in Service centers differ and the response times may be slightly longer.

  • 400 happy colleagues joined the EECS Summer event

    Colleagues at EECS celebrated summer's arrival on 8 June with lectures, lab tours, poster festival, food and drinks. Read Alexandras thoughts on the event.

  • How to become news in pEECS

    In the newsletter pEECS, you can usually read about what is happening at EECS. In an interview with Moa Hörnquist, communicator at EECS, you can read about how the pEECS editorial staff works, which news qualifies, but above all how dependent they are on you as an employee submitting news tips.

  • Summary of the All employee meeting

    Did you miss AEM on 10 February? Don't worry, here comes the summary and the presentation. Sonja Berlijn talked about safety, the health survey, the operational plan and reflections around 2021.

  • Hello there, Sara Johansson!

    The work of digitising EECS is in full swing. In April, we upgrade our meeting rooms to become more digital, an important sub-goal in the so-called premises project. We have asked Sara Johansson, the project manager, to give us more details.

  • Welcome to the EECS Summer event!

    Here you can find the programme and all information you might need.

  • EECS Summer event research committee

    The scientific part of the summer event consists of research talks and a poster festival, where the research talks will be divided into two parallel sessions. We aspire to highlight the excellence and breadth of research at our school through short discussions. We have talked to Arvind Kumar, chairperson of the event's research programme committee, about their work with putting the programme together.

  • Hi, Susanna Pozzoli!

    We had a chat with Susanna Pozzoli, chairperson of the EECS PhD Council since January this year. Among other things, she talks about the challenges she faces in her role and the council's focus areas for 2022.

  • Summerfest filled with magic

    After an exciting afternoon filled with lab tours and seminars, it’s time for our school to celebrate in traditional Swedish style. We have talked to Annika Wendell from our school’s event team, who has been planning the party together with Annica Johannesson. 

  • Summary of the All employee meeting (AEM)

    Did you miss AEM on 16 June? No problems, here comes the summary and presentation. Among other things, Head of School Sonja Berlijn, informed about what a main safety representative does, the school's new Directors of Third Cycle Education and the plan for a joint professional support.

  • An update from the Head of School

    Ann Lantz reflects on her first few weeks as Acting Head of School and shares what she wants to focus on in 2023. That includes finance, leadership and better All Employee Meetings.

  • Patrick Norman new director of the PDC Center for High Performance Computing

    Replaces Dirk Pleiter who returns to his professor position at the Division of Computational Science and Technology (CST).

  • Reflections on the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

    The Acting Head of School expresses her deepest sympathies to those who may be affected by the earthquake.

  • 28 ideas that will attract new students

    A new initiative with 28 ready-to-go ideas for high school projects aims to evoke interest in technical studies. Prospective students are encouraged to write about social robots, brain function, data analysis and cyber security.

  • 300 colleagues joined the party

    Here is a recap of the spectacular summer event at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science on Thursday 8 June.

  • Get to know the doctoral student Sylvie 

    In a series of articles, we will introduce the faculty employees. First out is Sylvie Koziel, a doctoral student at the Division of Electromagnetic Engineering and Fusion Science (EMF). Learn about her background, research and why she admires the Swedes.

  • Students given a crash course in disaster medicine

    Packing wounds, carrying injured people, and dealing with theatrical blood are not part of a computer engineer's everyday life. But for the students developing a game to practice tactical medicine, it is. At least for one day.

  • Get to know the doctoral student Lukas

    We will introduce the school's faculty employees in a series of articles. This is Lukas Bähner, a doctoral student at the Division of Electromagnetic Engineering and Fusion Science (EMF) – whose ambition is to take the Sun's power to Earth.

  • Pontus Johnson on Tech50 list

    Pontus Johnson, Professor at the Centre for Cyber Defence and Information Security, has made Tech50's list of the most influential people in tech in 2023.

  • Mikael Östling is elected to ECS as the first Swedish fellow

    Mikael Östling is back as a full-time professor at EECS in KTH Kista after six years as the Deputy President at KTH. As the only Swede, he is now appointed a Fellow of the Electrochemical Society (ECS). From before, Östling is also a fellow of the IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

  • What will happen to the Kista campus?

    The Head of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), Ann Lantz, reflects on the risks and opportunities of a move from KTH Kista.

  • Support during summer

    During the summer, the University administration is on site, but to a limited extent. Opening hours in Service centers differ and the response times may be slightly longer.

  • Rob Comber: From psychology to Human-Computer Interaction Researcher

    Meet Rob Comber, one of EECS' dynamic personalities who recently took on the Deputy Head of Division for Media Technology and Interaction Design (MID) role. With a background rooted in psychology, Rob has managed to blend his interest in people with the world of technology.

  • How to get the best support from Infrastructure and Service

    The Service center serves as the focal point for the school's service functions and is dedicated to assisting employees in various practical matters, including support in catering, event coordination, room reservations, fault reporting, and mail and courier services. A committed team diligently operates to streamline your work experience. The best way to contact them is via the e-mail address

  • Ann Lantz's holiday message: reflections on the year's events

    Take a look at Head of School Ann Lantz's greeting, where she not only reflects on the shared achievements and challenges of the year, but also looks ahead to the future.

  • The professional support during Christmas

    During the Christmas holidays, the professional support has limited service. Here you will find Service Center's opening hours and information on reaching other units; finance, HR, communication and student affairs.

  • An update from the hearing of candidates to the EECS Faculty Board

    If you missed the hearing of the candidates for the EECS Faculty Board, you can see the summary and their presentations here.

  • "Too many went straight through the smoke"

    Stairwells and corridors are filled with smoke from smoke machines, and a few seconds later, the fire alarm sounds at Teknikringen 33. It is a fire protection exercise and now it will be tested whether the procedures in place really work.

  • Big win for EECS in granted funds

    The Swedish Research Council (VR) recently announced the list of researchers in Sweden that will receive project grants in natural and engineering sciences. And it has gone well for EECS – 16 researchers receive over 60 million SEK.

  • Ann Lantz continues as Head of School at EECS

    President Anders Söderholm has appointed Ann Lantz as Head of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS).

  • Administrative support during the winter holidays

    During the winter holidays, the University administration has limited service. Here you will find Service Center's opening hours and information on reaching other units; finance, HR, communication and student affairs.