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Pontus Johnson on Tech50 list

Published Mar 01, 2023

Pontus Johnson, Professor at the Centre for Cyber Defence and Information Security, has made Tech50's list of the most influential people in tech in 2023.

Tech50,  part of the Tech Awards, is the list of Sweden's most influential people in tech. The list is compiled by representatives of Foundry and TechSverige. This year's list includes Pontus Johnson, professor of cyber defence and information security. 

Congratulations Pontus. What does it mean to you to be on the list?

"It's great. But it doesn't mean that much in practice". 

How important is it that the issues get attention?

"It's good that cybersecurity gets attention because society is vulnerable to attack. In addition to me, there were several cybersecurity professionals who qualified for the list".

What is the biggest thing in your field right now?

"Well, there has been a lot of media attention around the denial of service attacks that Sweden has been subjected to in recent weeks. A deteriorating security policy and a vulnerable digital infrastructure are obvious problems".

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