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  • Earlier diagnosis of cancer with Lucky Loop

    Filipe de Palma Marques at the MST lab
    Published Jan 25, 2023

    If you have a cyst, you want the doctor to be able to tell you how severe it is. But until now, this has been more complex than it sounds. The new start-up Lucky Loop will help diagnose pancreatic can...

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  • Energy solution in sight for remote regions

    Published Jan 18, 2023

    New solution can achieve sustainable electricity supply both remote regions and citiies. A self-sustaining sustainable solution for energy in Arctic Communities has been devised by Qianwen Xu, Assista...

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  • Students hacked cars – amazing results

    Published Dec 22, 2022

    Imagine someone being able to unlock your car without keys – how would you feel? This proved to be entirely possible as students in Computer Science hacked cars.

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  • Jan Scheffel voted Teacher of the year

    Jan Scheffel with the chairs of the Board of studies Emelie Selinder and Oscar Ekström who handed over flowers and diplomas.
    Published Dec 20, 2022

    "He makes teaching both educational and fun. His teaching motivates and challenges students to take their learning seriously and strive to be good students," his students say.

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  • EECS researchers awarded prestigious fellowships

    The IEEE fellows Xiongfei Wang, Dimos Dimarogonas, Oscar Quevedo-Teruel and Henrik Sandberg.
    Published Dec 19, 2022

    EECS captures four out of five elevations to IEEE fellow awarded to Swedish academia.

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  • Students chose him as Teacher of the Year

    Carl-Mikael Zetterling with the silver apple, handed over by Filip Axelsson, THS. Photo: Philip Zetterling
    Published Dec 14, 2022

    Carl-Mikael Zetterling, alias Bellman, Professor and Head of the Department of Electronics and Embedded Systems at KTH, is awarded the THS educational award Teacher of the Year 2022. He is recognised...

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  • Campus art installation captures the richness of basic software actions

    On 6 December, Nobel laureates Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna (left and right) visited the KTH campus to study Un|fold, a sound and light sculpture inspired by their work on genome editing. Pictured with professor Benoit Baudry, who led the development of the art work. Photo: Clement Morin / Nobel Prize
    Published Dec 07, 2022

    Art can be a powerful projector of breakthrough science. During the 2022 Nobel Week Lights, an annual lights festival taking place during the Nobel Week, KTH launched an artwork called un|fold, which ...

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  • Researchers on the transformation towards sustainable energy

    Published Dec 07, 2022

    Can economic growth be sustainable, is the transition to a fossil-free future achievable and what is the biggest change researchers want to see by 2040? These are some of the questions that were answe...

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  • Nobel in Africa discusses predictability in Science

    Erik Aurell and Luca Gammaitoni from Perugia with students in Durban.
    Published Dec 07, 2022

    The Nobel Symposium “Predictability in Science in the age of AI” brings together leading experts in AI and sciences to discuss and explore various issues, including the limits of the Big Data approach...

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  • The future of hydroelectric power

    Abolfazl Khodadadi to the right
    Published Dec 06, 2022

    Abolfazl Khodadadi's research on the planning and operation of hydropower plants resulted in winning a best paper award. Ultimately, the doctoral student aims to ensure secure and affordable energy su...

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  • Joint forces for a cyber campus

    Published Nov 29, 2022

    There is a significant skills shortage in the cyber security area in Sweden. This has led Pontus Johnson, professor at KTH’s Center for Cyber Defense and Information Security, to push for a new cyber ...

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  • Johan designs next-generation mobile networks

    Published Nov 22, 2022

    The former student's most valuable lesson from KTH, his biggest fear as a student, and most importantly; what it’s like being an antenna engineer.

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  • KTH sound experts add new dimension to the understanding of our universe

    Published Nov 22, 2022

    New initiative helps astronomers not only to observe the universe, but also to listen to it.

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  • Finding pathways to better understanding

    Ragnar Thobaben
    Published Nov 10, 2022

    Ragnar Thobaben’s areas of expertise are information theory and communication theory. In many ways, research in these areas has laid the foundations for the communication society of today and is now h...

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  • Researchers can help cut down global data center power consumption

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology
    Credit: KTH Royal Institute of Technology
    Published Oct 17, 2022

    Researchers have discovered a way to reduce power consumption in data centres significantly. They offload computation by converting particular types of commodity Network Interface Cards into processor...

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  • The Degree Project Fair 2022 – a success

    Project Manager Alexandra Leyton at the Project Degree Fair 2022
    Published Oct 14, 2022

    42 companies, 12 research groups and almost 300 KTH students met at the annual Degree Project Fair at KTH Kista. It was bursting with energy when the students met companies such as ABB, Ericsson and I...

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  • How you speak matters – not only what you say

    Sanne Van Waveren, third person from the right
    Published Oct 05, 2022

    The Stockholm region competition of the Forskar Grand Prix took place during ForskarFredag on 30 September. Sanne van Waveren from the department of robotics, perception and learning took second place...

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  • Towards complexity-aware-decision-making for robots

    Published Oct 03, 2022

    Is it possible to optimise robots' decision-making so that decisions are good and simple? Yes, doctoral student Elis Stefansson's research has shown that. Now, he has won the Outstanding Student Paper...

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  • They want to help robots collaborate

    Mustafa Al-Janabi and Elisa Bin working with a radio-controlled car at a table.
    Published Sep 28, 2022

    Imagine that you are riding in a self-driving car in a city. Out of sight, someone gets off a bus and starts walking out into the street. Your car can only react to what it can see, which means that y...

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  • 3D printing can now manufacture customized sensors for robots, pacemakers, and more

    A white plastic robot stars into the camera in a black room
    Robotics is one area where small volumes of advanced sensors, MEMS, can now be produced with 3D printing. (Photo: David Callahan)
    Published Sep 28, 2022

    A newly-developed 3D printing technique could be used to cost-effectively produce customized electronic “machines” the size of insects which enable advanced applications in robotics, medical devices a...

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