• A long-standing research center in a fast moving field

    Published May 22, 2019

    Thirteen years is a long time – especially in rapidly changing areas like communications, networking, control systems and computer science. ACCESS has...

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  • Economic downturn made him a successful inventor

    Published May 13, 2019

    He graduated from KTH not long after the bubble burst in 2000 and it was “impossible to get a permanent job”. “I had no intention of becoming...

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  • Air sensors for everyone, everywhere

    Published Apr 11, 2019

    Air sensors for everyone, everywhere – Launch of the EU project ULISSES for the development of a new Mobile Gas Sensing Technology aiming at distribut...

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  • Spotlight on Research

    Published Mar 28, 2019

    Who has received funding for new research? What findings and results are being published in academic journals? Under the vignette Researchers on the g...

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  • Five research projects that will change the future industry

    Published Mar 21, 2019

    The Royal Academy of Engineering (IVA) has listed the top 100 Swedish research projects with potential to make substantial contributions to industry a...

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  • High QS placements for electrical engineering and computer science at KTH

    Published Mar 13, 2019

    KTH scored record numbers at the QS University Ranking by subject 2019, the highest placement being in electrical engineering (19) but also in compute...

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  • Register for the Energy Platform's internal kick-off seminar 2019

    Published Mar 08, 2019

    Welcome to an open seminar for KTH's researchers working in the field on Energy.

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  • QS adds more KTH subjects to world top 50

    Published Feb 27, 2019

    KTH now ranks 36 among the world’s universities for engineering and technology, according to QS University Ranking, which released its 2019 subject ra...

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  • Winning teams back from China to share their experiences

    Published Feb 15, 2019

    Miquel Larsson Corominas and Elena Florentina Ionescu are back from their one week trip to China. They belonged to the winning teams of a Hackathon ho...

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  • A new glucose monitor for diabetics proves virtually painless and even more accurate

    The frequency of finger prick tests could be reduced with a glucose monitoring system being developed at KTH. (Photo: Alden Chadwick/CC BY 2.0)
    Published Jan 07, 2019

    A more comfortable and reliable blood-sugar monitoring system is being designed at KTH for people with diabetes. After successfully testing a prototyp...

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  • At core of software leader SAP's product, an open source code developed at KTH

    Computer Science Professor Christian Schulte's Gecode configuration engine is at the core of one of software leader SAP's leading products. (Photo: David Callahan)
    Published Jan 03, 2019

    Open source software developed at KTH is at the core of a business system from German software giant SAP. The system S/4HANA has nearly 400,000 custom...

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  • Million rain over KTH for interdisciplinary project

    Published Dec 14, 2018

    A research team lead by Göran Stemme, Professor in Micro and Nanosystems, has been awarded 26.5 MSEK by the Swedish Research Council for a seven year ...

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  • Mikael Skoglund named IEEE Fellow

    Professor Mikael Skoglund
    Published Dec 11, 2018

    When the IEEE association announced the Fellows for 2019, non-other than Mikael Skoglund, professor in Information Science and Engineering, was found ...

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  • KTH top 30 at world’s largest AI conference

    Published Dec 03, 2018

    Today marks the start of Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), the world’s largest and most prestigious conference in Artificial Intelligen...

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  • Interactive design ideas unveiled by master's students

    "Sand Mirror", designed by (from left) Andreas Almqvist from Sweden, Karolina Drobotowic from Poland and Tallulah Gillard from France.
    Published Nov 02, 2018

    Master’s students in the Physical Interaction Design course held an exhibition in the Library this week, where they demonstrated their team projects. ...

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  • Robots that lend a “hand” carrying objects are a breakthrough for human-machine cooperation

    In the test environment, researchers show how a robot works cooperatively on a physical task with a human.
    Published Oct 26, 2018

    Physical interaction between robots and humans is advancing to a new level, as researchers report.

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  • One thousand high school students attended Future Friday

    Published Oct 25, 2018

    What kind of career opportunities will technologies offer in the future? KTH’s inspirational Future Friday event for high school students took place l...

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  • New method of mapping the voice could improve the treatment of voice patients

    Published Oct 25, 2018

    The measurement methods commonly used in voice therapy do not usually take into account how different individual voices are. A new thesis from KTH pre...

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  • Oscar Quevedo-Teruel named IEEE distinguished lecturer

    Published Oct 24, 2018

    As of last week Oscar Quevedo-Teruel, professor at the Department of Electromagnetic Engneering, can add IEEE distinguished lecture to his resume. The...

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  • Strengthen your company's cyber security with KTH's Online Course in Ethical Hacking

    Published Oct 24, 2018

    Apply to the Online Course in Ethical Hacking open for businesses by December 15.

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