• Jakob Nordström elected member of Young Academy

    Published Sep 03, 2018
    The Young Academy of Sweden recently welcomed eight new members, and one of them is Associate Professor Jakob Nordström. In this new role, Jakob hopes to be able to work on, among other things, questions regarding research funding and conditions for researchers.

  • Dosed with crystal meth, brain-on-a-chip reveals brain's neurovascular interactions

    Published Aug 29, 2018
    Demonstrating the effects of the street drug, crystal meth, was the first test for a powerful new platform for studying the complex interactions of the brain’s blood vessels and nerve cells. Unveiled last week in an international study involving KTH researchers, the brain-on-a-chip model integrates living cells on microfluidic chips, enabling researchers to take a first-ever look at how disease and drugs affect the brain.

  • EECS subjects advances on ShanghaiRanking

    Published Aug 23, 2018
    When the ShanghaiRanking announced their ranking by subject for 2018 KTH placed top 50 in eight subjects, five of which have strong connections to the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). According to professor Jens Zander, Head of School at EECS, the school’s high placements are a result of successful and strategic recruitment.

  • Huawei invests in EECS students

    Published Aug 22, 2018
    Four students from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science are right now in China participating in Huawei's two-week program "Seeds for the Future". In a cooperation between KTH and Huawei, they will have the chance to experience the world's largest economy through the world's largest telecom company.

  • The Knuth Prize to Johan Håstad

    Published Aug 22, 2018
    ACM and the IEEE Computer Society have decided to award the Knuth Prize of 2018 to Johan Håstad, professor at the Department of Theoretical Computer Science. Håstad receives the award for his long and sustained record of milestone breakthroughs at the foundation of computer science with huge impact on many areas including optimization, cryptography, parallel computing, and complexity theory.

  • KTH subjects among top 50 in ShanghaiRanking

    Published Aug 21, 2018
    Eight subjects at KTH have been ranked in the top 50 in the ShanghaiRanking Academic Ranking of World Universities, which were announced recently.

  • A new software that democratises AI development

    Published Jul 10, 2018
    A new piece of software is making it easier to create solutions within AI (artificial intelligence). The program, QuantumNet, has been produced by KTH students who want more people to be involved in the creation of AI solutions. In addition, the program enables AI experts to develop AI models more efficiently.

  • These nanoscale “crack-junctions” can speed up DNA sequencing

    Published Jun 19, 2018
    The time-consuming, expensive process of sequencing DNA molecules – a technology used to identify, diagnose and possibly find cures for diseases – could become a whole lot faster and cheaper as a result of a new nanofabrication method that takes advantage of nano-sized air-gaps, or nanocracks, in electrically conductive materials.

  • Method could be boost to large scale production of graphene

    Published Jun 15, 2018
    The measure by which any conductor is judged is how easily, and speedily, electrons can move through it. On this point, graphene is one of the most promising materials for a breathtaking array of applications. However, its ultra-high electron mobility is reduced when you synthesize larger sheets of the material. Now this barrier to industrial production of graphene may be broken as a result of new research done at KTH with universities in Germany.

  • Strengthen your company's cyber security with KTH's Online Course in Ethical Hacking

    Published Jun 12, 2018
    Apply to the Online Course in Ethical Hacking open for businesses by 1 August.

  • The future lies in Kista – meet KTH during Järvaveckan

    Published Jun 04, 2018
    June 9th to 13th: Get inspired by students, researchers and staff from the School of Engineering and Computer Science attending the Political Week in Järva.

  • Capillary flow is harnessed for the first time

    Published May 21, 2018
    You may have never heard of the capillary effect, but it’s something you deal with every time you wipe up a spill or put flowers in water. Wouter van der Wijngaart has spent most of his life contemplating this phenomenon, which enables liquid to flow through narrow spaces like the fibres of a cloth, or upwards through the stems of flowers, without help from gravity or other forces.

  • Blood tests – wherever you are

    Published May 18, 2018
    Frequent trips to the doctor could soon be a distant memory for people who require regular blood tests. We checked in with KTH Innovation alumni Capitainer that just registered the CE mark for their first product, a Dried Blood Spot sampling device which enables patients to conduct their own blood tests at home.

  • Platform brings mobile connection speeds up to 100 Gbps

    Published May 15, 2018
    Even though mobile internet link speeds might soon be 100 Gbps, this doesn’t necessarily mean network carriers will be free of data-handling challenges that effectively slow down mobile data services, for everything from individual device users to billions of internet-of-things connections.

  • Paulina Modlitba is KTH's alumni of the year

    Published May 15, 2018
    Congratulations Paulina Modlitba, KTH's Alumni of the year 2018! Paulina, who graduated from Media Technology in 2006, receives the award for her commitment to interest young women in technical education. "I see this award as a way to be involved and contribute to what I felt I needed and that was somewhat lacking when I was a student.”

  • Storing nanolitre droplets in plastic chips for biomedical applications

    Published May 04, 2018
    Researchers from the Department of Micro and Nano systems are introducing a new method to store tiny volumes of biochemical reagents in polymer labs-on-a-chip. Labs-on-a-chip are miniaturized laboratories with the size of a coin and of increasing importance in several biomedical applications.

  • Permeable capsule could be packed with cells that fight cancer

    Published Apr 16, 2018
    One way that cancer may be fought in the future is with micro-sized capsules containing living cells engineered to secrete toxins that attack cancer cells. Although the science of cell micro-encapsulation has yet to overcome certain limitations, recent developments at KTH might finally offer a way forward.

  • Global cooperation to ensure better use of brain data

    Published Apr 09, 2018
    How does the future of neuroscience look? How do we handle big data and what does the GDPR law really mean? These are some of the topics of the INCF Brain Summit 2018, co-organized by INCF and KTH, and which will be visited by prominent researchers from all corners of the world.

  • Danica Kragic Jensfelt is one of Sweden’s most powerful women in industry

    Published Mar 13, 2018
    When Swedish magazine ”Veckans affärer” presented their list of the most powerful women in industry, Danica Kragic Jensfelt, Professor of robotics, was named this year’s tech profile.

  • Osquldas väg renamed Malvinas backe

    Published Mar 08, 2018
    KTH’s campus at Valhallavägen will receive a new street when Osquldas väg changes its name to Malvinas backe. The reason is that the name Osquldas is perceived as being sexist.

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