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  • New algorithm makes machine learning faster and more accurate

    People sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers, phones, notepads and coffee.
    A new algorithm represents a significant leap forward in Federated Learning, which in turn can enhance smart device capabilities in homes and workplaces. Photo: M. Meyer/Unsplash
    Published Apr 30, 2024

    The algorithm can improve the way smart devices in homes and workplaces work together. By reducing the frequency with which devices need to talk to a server while seamlessly handling different data be...

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  • Developing intuitive tools for molecular simulations on powerful computers

    Patrick Norman, Director of PDC.
    Published Apr 04, 2024

    To deliver open-source code that anyone worldwide can use, the Parallel Computing Centre (PDC) recently made a long-awaited breakthrough in creating code for quantum chemistry on graphics processing u...

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  • A whole working life at Electrum - now Nils Nordell is retiring

    Nils Nordell, Director of the Electrum Laboratory retires.
    Published Feb 23, 2024

    Throughout his working life, Nils Nordell, Director of the Electrum Laboratory, has worked at Electrum in Kista. In April, he will be retiring and looking forward to new adventures.

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  • How to stop cyber-attacks with honeypots

    Samuel Lavebrink and Madeleine Lindström are studying the Master's programme Machine Learning.
    Published Feb 13, 2024

    In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber warfare, defending against human-controlled cyberattacks requires innovative strategies. A recent study conducted by students at KTH delves into the realm of cy...

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  • AI in coding awarded for impact

    Published Feb 05, 2024

    For a long time, coding was tediously manual, but in 2009, Martin Monperrus, Professor of Software Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and his team realised that built-in AI could help m...

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  • Emil is KTH's first cybersecurity engineer

    Emil Lantz graduating as KTH*s first cybersecurity engineer
    Published Dec 19, 2023

    Following the completion of his master's thesis on behavioural biometrics, Emil Lantz is graduating as KTH's first cybersecurity engineer. ”It feels really good to finish,” he says.

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  • Research wants to change fetal monitoring at birth

    Published Dec 18, 2023

    Researchers at KTH and KI want to reduce the risk of organ failure in children during labour. Therefore, they have started a programme, "Continuous lactate measurement and preventive hypoxia during de...

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  • Honoured for his work in cyber security

    Gunnar Karlsson with his Headquarters Medal of Merit from the Swedish Armed Forces.
    Gunnar Karlsson with his Headquarters Medal of Merit from the Swedish Armed Forces.
    Published Dec 12, 2023

    Gunnar Karlsson from the Department of Network and Systems Engineering recently received the Headquarters Medal of Merit from the Swedish Armed Forces for his commitment to training cyber soldiers and...

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  • Research behind the efficiency of mobile phone networks - one of the most highly cited

    Published Nov 27, 2023

    The research behind using mobile phone masts with many small electrically steerable antennas has been included in Clarivate's annual Clarivate Highly Cited Researchers 2023 list. ”This is of cours...

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  • Making data accessible - despite server and network issues

    Published Nov 22, 2023

    A software developed by KTH has enabled cloud services to be easier to build and more resilient to failures. “I wanted to make fault-tolerant systems easy to build and use, contrary to what is ofte...

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  • Funding boost on blood clot prevention

    Group photo of project members.
    Members of the project team. From left to right: Saul Rodriguez (KTH), Johanna Flodin (Muscle Matrix Support AB - MMS), Paul Ackermann (MMS), Malin Otter (KTH, degree project at MMS), Robin Juthberg (MMS), Nelida Aliaga (MMS), Jafeth Lizana (MMS), Bashar Jamal Pati (KTH - degree project at MMS).
    Published Nov 08, 2023

    Vinnova grants 4 MSEK for the development of next-generation Venous Thromboembolism prevention.

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  • Phishing will increase with AI – and so will the likelihood of being scammed

    Published Nov 06, 2023

    Phishing has been a problem for a long time, both for individuals and businesses. AI and language models like ChatGPT will increase the number of phishing attempts and make them even better. ”With...

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  • New master's programme in sustainable digitalisation

    MSc Sustainable Digitalisation
    Published Oct 24, 2023

    High requests from both students and staff at KTH resulted in the new master's programme being established at record speed. It is now open for applications, with study start in August 2024.

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  • Space electronics in focus at Space Rendezvous

    The satellite Mats. Photo: Swedish National Space Agency
    Published Oct 24, 2023

    Cosmic radiation causes electronics sent to space to break down just by being there. But there are KTH projects that make a difference, and they are in focus during the Space Rendezvous, which will be...

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  • A new comprehensive approach is needed in wireless research

    Published Oct 17, 2023

    Challenges in the industry are increasing as we move towards a digitalised society where everything needs to be connected. The competition for the rare earth metals required in our batteries is intens...

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  • Total climate impact of properties in focus in new study

    Building site in Rinkeby, Stockholm. Photo: The City of Stockholm
    Published Oct 09, 2023

    The building stock has a significant long-term climate impact. Researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology have observed this when investigating the climate impact of recently constructed residen...

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  • Elevated credibility in AI-generated information

    Sonia Horchidan and Paris Carbone
    Published Sep 20, 2023

    A new graph database management system is under development at KTH. Using graph technology in combination with artificial intelligence (AI), the system could assist in planning everything from healthc...

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  • Four scientists on the future of AI

    Published Aug 31, 2023

    Research in Artificial Intelligence was in focus when researchers and partners from Saab and Ericsson gathered for two days at CASTOR Software Days to discuss the research in the field.

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  • Designing video games at the world's largest VR studio

    Published Aug 22, 2023

    Former student Hedvig Reutersvärd on why the most boring course turned out to be the most useful, what it's like to work at the world's largest VR studio and her best career advice for KTH students.

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  • Student project shedding light on the world's income inequality

    Published Aug 15, 2023

    The Robin Hood Calculator visualisation tool is designed by KTH students to help you understand the income distribution around the world. By taxing the rich and giving to the poor.

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