• Jan Gulliksen comments on the United States decision to abolish net neutrality

    Published Dec 19, 2017

    Hi there, Jan Gulliksen, Professor of Human Computer Interaction and Vice-president of Digitization at KTH. The US Federal Communications Commission (...

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  • The Ministry of Labor visited KTH's IT education for new arrivals

    Labor Minister Ylva Johansson visits KTH's IT education for new arrivals. Photo: Marc Femenia
    Published Dec 18, 2017

    The second group of students at KTH's intensive course in IT development for new arrivals have just finished their studies and are on their way into t...

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  • Manomotion is on the move

    This is what it may look like using Manomotion software
    Published Dec 14, 2017

    The start-up company Manomotion – a company that works with real-time analysis of body movements – which stems from KTH research, has just been appoin...

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  • New way to form bioactive spider silk for medical use

    Technology hasn't quite mastered the spider's ability to form silk proteins into structures. But a new technique has been developed that can form silk structures without relying on chemicals that compromise their usefulness in medical applications.
    Published Dec 04, 2017

    With recent advances, technology can be used to synthesize silk with similar mechanical properties as an actual spider’s. But applying this material t...

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  • Enabling robots to rethink

    Published Nov 16, 2017

    Imagine an industrial setting. A team of robots has been given the task of transporting boxes from one place to another, but (!) a truck has mistakenl...

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  • Research top three at Sweden Impact Award

    Published Oct 17, 2017

    At Sweden Impact Award, Rajeev Thottappillil’s, Mats Bäckström's and Daniel Månsson’s research on “Defending critical infrastructure against intention...

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  • Second place in IEEE competition

    Published Oct 11, 2017

    At the IEEE AP-S symposium in San Diego, bachelor students Harald Hultin, Jonas Olsson and Fernando Franzén, got the second place award in a student c...

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  • Electrical engineering at KTH's Jubilee event

    Published Oct 03, 2017

    Between the 16th and 20th of October KTH celebrates the 100th birthday of our beloved Campus with activities all over our locations. The crown jewel i...

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  • Scholarship makes it possible to present their functional inverse diffusion algorithm abroad

    Published Jul 10, 2017

    Pol del Aguila Pla from the Department of Information Science and Engineering has received a scholarship from KTH Opportunities Fund. The money will b...

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  • KTH arrange the Swedish control meeting

    Published Jun 29, 2017

    The conference will take place 18-20 June, 2018 and welcomes anyone with an interest in control engineering in the broadest sense, from theory to prac...

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  • Electrophysics becomes Electromagnetics, Fusion and Space Engineering

    Published Jun 16, 2017

    The master programme Electrophysics will become Electromagnetics, Fusion and Space Engineering.

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  • More women are applying for Electrical Engineering at KTH

    Published May 31, 2017

    KTH is officially Sweden’s most popular place to study engineering, and one programme that’s seen a spike in demand – Electrical Engineering – also lo...

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  • Childhood dream comes true

    Published Apr 19, 2017

    Hans Edin has realised his life-long ambition, that of becoming a professor. Now, in his 27th year at KTH, he’s enjoying passing on his enthusiasm for...

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  • New flu test easy as breathing, with faster results

    The new technique is capable of detecting influenza infection after the patient breathes for only a few minutes into the container, says Laila Ladhani, PhD student in Micro and Nanosystems at KTH.
    Published Mar 29, 2017

    A method for diagnosing flu virus from breath samples could soon replace invasive nasal swabs and deliver better results faster.

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  • 24 million to “New Directions in Learning Dynamical Systems”

    Published Mar 02, 2017

    In the end of February, the Swedish Research Council announced their decision regarding grants in Natural and Engineering Sciences. Four research grou...

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  • Junfeng Wu receives distinguished grant

    Published Feb 01, 2017

    Postdoc Junfeng Wu from the department of Automatic control recently received a grant from prestigious “1000Plan Program for Young Talents”. The 1000P...

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  • John Baras awarded IEEE Simon Ramo Medal

    Published Dec 12, 2016

    We are happy to congratulate Professor John Baras, University of Maryland, who recently received the IEEE Simon Ramo Medal. In 2014, Baras was at KTH ...

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  • Risks with aneurysm surgery made clearer with mathematical model, researchers say

    Patients aged 65 to 80 years with aneurysms sized 30 to 55 mm stood to gain the most significant improvement from surgery, report researchers Antti Siika, left, och Robert Mattila. Photo: Peter Ardell
    Published Nov 10, 2016

    Even though operating on an abdominal aortic aneurysm can be risky, there are no patient-specific guidelines for deciding the optimal time for surgery...

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  • Summer in Japan

    Published Sep 30, 2016
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  • Acclaimed researcher Joe H. Chow joins the School of Electrical Engineering

    Published Sep 23, 2016

    The EE School is happy to welcome Professor Joe H. Chow from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY, USA) who recently joined the department of Elec...

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