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  • Johan designs next-generation mobile networks

    Published Nov 22, 2022

    The former student's most valuable lesson from KTH, his biggest fear as a student, and most importantly; what it’s like being an antenna engineer.

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  • KTH sound experts add new dimension to the understanding of our universe

    Published Nov 22, 2022

    New initiative helps astronomers not only to observe the universe, but also to listen to it.

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  • Finding pathways to better understanding

    Ragnar Thobaben
    Published Nov 10, 2022

    Ragnar Thobaben’s areas of expertise are information theory and communication theory. In many ways, research in these areas has laid the foundations for the communication society of today and is now h...

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  • Awarded for best entry

    Published Oct 24, 2022

    Future communication systems depend on antennas that are both directional and steerable to compensate for path loss. A boost in this work is done by doctoral student Pilar Castillo Tapia winner of the...

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  • Researchers can help cut down global data center power consumption

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology
    Credit: KTH Royal Institute of Technology
    Published Oct 17, 2022

    Researchers have discovered a way to reduce power consumption in data centres significantly. They offload computation by converting particular types of commodity Network Interface Cards into processor...

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  • The Degree Project Fair 2022 – a success

    Project Manager Alexandra Leyton at the Project Degree Fair 2022
    Published Oct 14, 2022

    42 companies, 12 research groups and almost 300 KTH students met at the annual Degree Project Fair at KTH Kista. It was bursting with energy when the students met companies such as ABB, Ericsson and I...

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  • How you speak matters – not only what you say

    Sanne Van Waveren, third person from the right
    Published Oct 05, 2022

    The Stockholm region competition of the Forskar Grand Prix took place during ForskarFredag on 30 September. Sanne van Waveren from the department of robotics, perception and learning took second place...

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  • Towards complexity-aware-decision-making for robots

    Published Oct 03, 2022

    Is it possible to optimise robots' decision-making so that decisions are good and simple? Yes, doctoral student Elis Stefansson's research has shown that. Now, he has won the Outstanding Student Paper...

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  • They want to help robots collaborate

    Mustafa Al-Janabi and Elisa Bin working with a radio-controlled car at a table.
    Published Sep 28, 2022

    Imagine that you are riding in a self-driving car in a city. Out of sight, someone gets off a bus and starts walking out into the street. Your car can only react to what it can see, which means that y...

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  • 3D printing can now manufacture customized sensors for robots, pacemakers, and more

    A white plastic robot stars into the camera in a black room
    Robotics is one area where small volumes of advanced sensors, MEMS, can now be produced with 3D printing. (Photo: David Callahan)
    Published Sep 28, 2022

    A newly-developed 3D printing technique could be used to cost-effectively produce customized electronic “machines” the size of insects which enable advanced applications in robotics, medical devices a...

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  • Two days on the latest within software

    Published Sep 27, 2022

    The software research centre CASTOR organised its second conference on 31 August to 1 September at KTH Nymble. Software researchers, engineers, and students gathered to discuss cutting-edge technology...

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  • How to predict a conversation

    Erik Ekstedt and Gabriel Skantze from the Division of Speech, Music and Hearing
    Published Sep 26, 2022

    The SIGIDAL best paper award went to Erik Ekstedt and Gabriel Skantze from Speech, Music and Hearing (TMH). Their model learns to predict what will happen in the next two seconds of the conversation. ...

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  • This is EECS’ contribution to ForskarFredag

    A student project at ForskarFredag 2019. Photo: Mario Romero Vega.
    Published Sep 21, 2022

    Friday, 30 September, is the time for ForskarFredag at Vetenskapens Hus. Representants from EECS will be competing in presentation technology, lectures in swallowable microsystems and presenting stude...

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  • 28 ideas that will attract new students

    Viktoria Fodor and Sarah Gillet
    Doctoral student Sarah Gillet and Deputy Director of Education Viktoria Fodor are two of the people behind the initiative.
    Published Sep 19, 2022

    A new initiative with 28 ready-to-go ideas for high school projects aims to evoke interest in technical studies. Prospective students are encouraged to write about social robots, brain function, data ...

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  • "The ambition is to strengthen Kista as Europe's ICT cluster"

    Published Sep 05, 2022

    The Senseable Stockholm Lab (SSL), a research collaboration between KTH, MIT and the City of Stockholm, has found a new home in the EECS and the new premises in Kista, inaugurated in September. We cha...

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  • Award winning algorithm research

    Jan Van Den Brand
    On the left is Artur Czumaj, President of EATCS, Prof. at University of Warwick and on the right is Nikhil Bansal, a committee member for the award, Prof. at University of Michigan.
    Published Sep 02, 2022

    Jan van den Brand is the winner of the 2021 EATCS Distinguished Dissertation Award. Read about his algorithm research, the news in this field and which problems he would like to solve in the future

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  • From implantable medical devices to spintronics-based systems

    Ana Rusu
    Published Aug 10, 2022

    The use of new implantable medical sensors in the body requires new ways of supplying them with energy. Ana Rusu’s group develops smart and energy-efficient integrated circuits and systems towards min...

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  • They enable safer and more efficient autonomous vehicles

    Truls Nyberg, an industrial doctoral student at the Division of Robotics, Perception & Learning, and José Manuel Gaspar Sánchez from the unit of Mechatronics and Embedded Control Systems at ITM
    Published Jun 20, 2022

    Truls Nyberg and José Manuel Gaspar Sánchez put their heads together and came up with an algorithm that facilitates safer roads. In their award-winning paper, they show how to safely deploy autonomous...

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  • Understanding the inexplicable in AI gave Stefan the award

    Stefan Neumann KTH
    Published Jun 16, 2022

    Research on understanding the inexplicable reason why AI works so well gave Stefan Neumann, a postdoc in the division of Theoretical Computer Science, the Heinz Zemanek Award. The award is granted bia...

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  • KTH researchers behind breakthrough set to halve data centre energy consumption

    OrderMatters illustration
    Published Jun 14, 2022

    Researchers at KTH have found a way to improve the efficiency of the world’s internet servers. By co-ordinating data traffic, they have succeeded in increasing the speed of computations and data trans...

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