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  • ’Everyone should be able to participate in distance work meetings on same terms’

    Person in front of a laptop with digital meeting gallery view of several faces
    Isolation is a recurring line of argument in the reasoning behind distance meetings. Edlund’s thesis, after 20 years of observations in the field, is that hybrid meetings are less successful. When three participants are in one room and face each other to discuss, it excludes the person joining remotely. Photo: Unsplash
    Published Oct 11, 2021

    A work meeting where some participate together in a room while others join from distance is a bad solution, says Jens Edlund, university lecturer at the Division of Speech, Music and Hearing at KTH. ...

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  • Winner of the Google PhD Fellowship 2021

    Alireza Farshin, Doctoral Student at The Division of Software and Computer Systems (SCS)
    Published Sep 27, 2021

    We met up with Alireza Farshin who has won the award Google PhD Fellowship 2021 and talked about what the fellowship will mean.

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  • Newsmakers at KTH

    Published Sep 17, 2021

    Who has received what when it comes to funding? What findings, results and researchers have attracted attention outside KTH? Under the vignette Newsmakers, we provide a selection of the latest news an...

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  • Congratulations Christos Verginis!

    Published Sep 03, 2021

    The European PhD Award is given annually in recognition of the best PhD thesis in Europe, in the field of Control for Complex and Heterogeneous Systems. This yearly competition is very tough due to an...

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  • Congratulations Lissy Pellaco!

    Lissy Pellaco in front of the sea.
    Published Sep 01, 2021

    Lissy Pellaco, doctoral student at ISE has been awarded “Outstanding Student Paper Award” at the International Conference of Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2021) for her paper “Deep ...

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  • Research summer school

    Priyanka Shinde and the two students she mentored
    Published Aug 31, 2021

    Rays is a summer research school aimed at students who are in their second year of high school and who have a burning interest in science, technology and mathematics. EECS Doctoral student Priyanka Sh...

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  • Congratulations Bo Normark

    Published Aug 24, 2021

    A legend in power grid technology, and a pioneer in smart electricity grids and battery systems. KTH Royal Institute of Technology's new honorary doctor, Bo Normark, is a visionary and an initiator wh...

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  • Champion for women's and children's health receives KTH Innovation Award

    Portrait of Rustam Nabiev
    Rustam Nabiev was named the first recipient of the new KTH Innovation Award as co-founder of Shifo. (Photo: Patrik Lundmark)
    Published Jul 01, 2021

    The very first KTH Innovation Award goes to Rustam Nabiev, co-founder of the non-profit Shifo Foundation, which focuses on children’s health in countries with low vaccination rates. Nabiev has a cryst...

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  • A radically different approach led to best paper award

    Ana Rusu and Dagur Ingi Albertsson.
    Published Jun 22, 2021

    Hello there, Ana Rusu and Dagur Ingi Albertsson! You have co-authored the paper “A Magnetic Field-to-Digital Converter Employing a Spin-Torque Nano-Oscillator” (together with Johan Åkerman at the Univ...

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  • Newsmakers at KTH

    Published Jun 01, 2021

    Who has received what when it comes to funding? What findings, results and researchers have attracted attention outside KTH? Under the vignette Newsmakers, we provide a selection of the latest news an...

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  • EECS represented in IVA's 100 list

    Published May 19, 2021

    Visbac: Visualises how viruses and bacteria can spread in indoor air, for example in hospitals.

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  • Lorenzo Frassinetti – Teacher of the year

    Lorenzo Frassinetti writing on the white board.
    Published May 10, 2021

    Lorenzo Frassinetti, Associate Professor at the Division of Fusion Plasma Physics, has been awarded the Konglig elektrosektionen Teacher of the year-award.

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  • György Dán is the supervisor of the year!

    Published Apr 27, 2021

    This year, the PhD Chapter of THS launched a Supervisor of the Year Award in order to highlight exemplary supervision practices in Third Cycle Education at KTH. An independent jury of doctoral student...

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  • Miel Sharf – one of Forbes’ Israel 30 under 30

    Published Apr 20, 2021

    Postdoctoral researcher at The Division of Decision and Control Systems, Miel Sharf, has been chosen as one of Forbes’ Israel 30 under 30. Talented young people who has shown that "creativity can't be...

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  • Researchers develop a technique that detects weaknesses in software testing

    Martin Monperrus and Benoit Baudry
    Published Apr 06, 2021

    We have had a chat with Professor Benoit Baudry and Professor Martin Monperrus about their novel testing technique.

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  • AI and cyber security at Vetenskapens hus

    Electric scooters and pavement with sharp shadows.
    Published Mar 29, 2021

    Vetenskapens hus wants to inspire high school students to choose higher education in science, technology and mathematics. They have therefore invited a number of researchers from KTH and Stockholm Uni...

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  • The smallest gold can have the greatest value

    Photo: Karl Nordlund
    Published Mar 10, 2021

    Congratulations to Assistant Professor Mariana Dalarsson, who was awarded the L'Oréal-Unesco For Women in Science Prize with the support of the Young Academy of Sweden 2021. She receives the prize "be...

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  • How the brain keeps useful information while ignoring unuseful noise

    Extreme close-up of neurons in the human brain
    Published Mar 01, 2021

    Imagine you're in a stadium reporting on a game. It's a loud environment which you don't want to transmit. But when you're interviewing a player, then you do want to transmit. Wouldn't it be great if ...

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  • Brain training is made visible through a headset

    Headset being used by a man watching the app on a smartphone
    With a headset and app, users can see their own brain signals, or neurons, and influence them in various games via focused thinking. On the display you can see how the body pumps blood to the areas of the brain being trained. The technology is known as neurofeedback and up to now, has primarily been used within the care sector and by company executives and sports stars to deal with stress, anxiety, ADHD, sleeping problems, migraines, memory difficulties and similar disorders.
    Published Feb 23, 2021

    Training your brain with the aid of a headset with infrared light and an app is pure physical exercise for your brain, claims KTH alumnus Rickard Eklöf. “Except it is a training session where you don...

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  • Devices could become even smaller, more powerful with method for integrating 2D materials

    Picture of a wearable sensor
    If we could shrink semiconductors even further, a whole new silicon revolution would follow. Photo: AB
    Published Feb 10, 2021

    If we could shrink semiconductors even further, a whole new silicon revolution would follow. But because that’s impossible, the next best hope is integrating semiconductors with 2D atomically-thin mat...

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