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  • Million rain over KTH for interdisciplinary project

    Published Dec 14, 2018

    A research team lead by Göran Stemme, Professor in Micro and Nanosystems, has been awarded 26.5 MSEK by the Swedish Research Council for a seven year interdisciplinary research project. The project wi...

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  • Mikael Skoglund named IEEE Fellow

    Professor Mikael Skoglund
    Published Dec 11, 2018

    When the IEEE association announced the Fellows for 2019, non-other than Mikael Skoglund, professor in Information Science and Engineering, was found on that list. Skoglund receives the award for his ...

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  • KTH top 30 at world’s largest AI conference

    Published Dec 03, 2018

    Today marks the start of Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), the world’s largest and most prestigious conference in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), an arena to whi...

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  • Interactive design ideas unveiled by master's students

    "Sand Mirror", designed by (from left) Andreas Almqvist from Sweden, Karolina Drobotowic from Poland and Tallulah Gillard from France.
    Published Nov 02, 2018

    Master’s students in the Physical Interaction Design course held an exhibition in the Library this week, where they demonstrated their team projects.

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  • Robots that lend a “hand” carrying objects are a breakthrough for human-machine cooperation

    In the test environment, researchers show how a robot works cooperatively on a physical task with a human.
    Published Oct 26, 2018

    Physical interaction between robots and humans is advancing to a new level, as researchers report.

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  • One thousand high school students attended Future Friday

    Published Oct 25, 2018

    What kind of career opportunities will technologies offer in the future? KTH’s inspirational Future Friday event for high school students took place last week, offering a glimpse of what awaits young ...

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  • New method of mapping the voice could improve the treatment of voice patients

    Published Oct 25, 2018

    The measurement methods commonly used in voice therapy do not usually take into account how different individual voices are. A new thesis from KTH presents a method by which a person´s entire voice ra...

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  • Oscar Quevedo-Teruel named IEEE distinguished lecturer

    Published Oct 24, 2018

    As of last week Oscar Quevedo-Teruel, professor at the Department of Electromagnetic Engneering, can add IEEE distinguished lecture to his resume. The title, which was given by the IEEE Antennas and P...

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  • Strengthen your company's cyber security with KTH's Online Course in Ethical Hacking

    Published Oct 24, 2018

    Apply to the Online Course in Ethical Hacking open for businesses by December 15.

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  • Study shows faster, scalable way to make molecular semiconductors

    A nano-scale view of a molecular junction created with a new, scalable method reported in Nature Communications by researchers at KTH.
    Published Oct 16, 2018

    Visions for what we can do with future electronics depend on finding ways to go beyond the capabilities of silicon conductors. The experimental field of molecular electronics is thought to represent a...

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  • Software researcher wants to see more transparency

    Published Oct 01, 2018

    Castor, a research center for software development at KTH, has been inaugurated. Managing director Benoit Baudry wants to see an increased exchange between researchers and companies. He hopes that ope...

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  • AI created more than 100,000 pieces of music after analyzing Irish and English folk tunes

    Bob Sturm performs one of the pieces generated by artificial intelligence in the style of Irish and English traditional music.
    Published Sep 24, 2018

    At turns lively and yearning, the traditional folk musics of Ireland and Britain have made their mark around the world. Now this perennially popular music is helping computers learn to become a new ki...

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  • Jakob Nordström elected member of Young Academy

    Published Sep 03, 2018

    The Young Academy of Sweden recently welcomed eight new members, and one of them is Associate Professor Jakob Nordström. In this new role, Jakob hopes to be able to work on, among other things, questi...

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  • Dosed with crystal meth, brain-on-a-chip reveals brain's neurovascular interactions

    The left and right chips represent the blood brain barrier in-flow and out-flow. In the center is the brain chip. The blue fluids show artificial spinal fluid and the red show artificial blood. In each chip, the colored channel is approximately 2 cm long.
    Published Aug 29, 2018

    Demonstrating the effects of the street drug, crystal meth, was the first test for a powerful new platform for studying the complex interactions of the brain’s blood vessels and nerve cells. Unveiled ...

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  • EECS subjects advances on ShanghaiRanking

    Published Aug 23, 2018

    When the ShanghaiRanking announced their ranking by subject for 2018 KTH placed top 50 in eight subjects, five of which have strong connections to the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sci...

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  • Huawei invests in EECS students

    From left. Markus Palmqvist,Mattias Stahre, Markus Hidell, Oscar Dahl, Jacob Kimblad
    Published Aug 22, 2018

    Four students from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science are right now in China participating in Huawei's two-week program "Seeds for the Future". In a cooperation between KTH and ...

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  • The Knuth Prize to Johan Håstad

    Published Aug 22, 2018

    ACM and the IEEE Computer Society have decided to award the Knuth Prize of 2018 to Johan Håstad, professor at the Department of Theoretical Computer Science. Håstad receives the award for his long and...

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  • KTH subjects among top 50 in ShanghaiRanking

    Published Aug 21, 2018

    Eight subjects at KTH have been ranked in the top 50 in the ShanghaiRanking Academic Ranking of World Universities, which were announced recently.

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  • A new software that democratises AI development

    Published Jul 10, 2018

    A new piece of software is making it easier to create solutions within AI (artificial intelligence). The program, QuantumNet, has been produced by KTH students who want more people to be involved in t...

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  • These nanoscale “crack-junctions” can speed up DNA sequencing

    An electron microscope image of a crack generated tunnel. (Photo: Valentin Dubois)
    Published Jun 19, 2018

    The time-consuming, expensive process of sequencing DNA molecules – a technology used to identify, diagnose and possibly find cures for diseases – could become a whole lot faster and cheaper as a resu...

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