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  • Higgs boson discovery involved KTH researcher

    The discovery of the Higgs boson at CERN laboratory involved a member of the research group in particle and astroparticle physics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

  • Physics prize both expected, and unexpected

    Particle physicists at KTH had nearly given up hope that the discovery of mass within the universe's smallest components, neutrinos, would be recognized with a Nobel Prize.

  • One step closer to total wireless

    Researchers at KTH and Gothenburg University, who have been involved in an international collaboration with U.S. and Italian researchers have, for the first time experimentally demonstrated that two types of magnetic waves can be created in a spintronic oscillator. This is one step closer to computers that are much more advanced and smaller than those we can produce today and which open up new opportunities in wireless communications.

  • Hawking conference takes aim at paradox of black hole theory

    By academia's standards, the list of participants packs as much star power as an Academy Awards ceremony. But the Hawking Radiation Conference, which begins Monday at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, has been convened to take on a slightly different matter of business.

  • Leggett at KTH: Revising How We Understand the Arrow of Time

    At the AlbaNova Colloquium, Sir Anthony Leggett, the 2003 Nobel Physics Prize winner, talks about the science of quantum mechanics, looking at how research into the very strange behaviour of atomic particles is beginning to deliver new technologies — even before the fundamental principles are fully understood.