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  • Degree Education

    Interested in sustainable urban and regional planning and management, design issues of the public realm or in the environmental engineering and sustainable infrastructure? Division of Urban and Regional Studies is involved in several KTH's degree programmes.

  • Climate challenges and the arts: urban time scales, inclusion and future flexibility

    This workshop is organized in the context of the H2020 initiative "SOS Climate waterfront". From KTH participants presenting includes Katarina Larsen, Div. History of Science, Technology and Environment and Lina Suleiman, Div. Urban and Regional Studies. The event is co-organized with the art institution Färgfabriken in Stockholm and will also give an introduction to the work carried out in collaboration between researchers and artists in the exhibition Symbiosis at Färgfabriken. The workshop includes short presentations and discussions on topics of climate change and the arts, urban climate challenges , "seeking solutions for whom", flexibility and diversity in urban climate solutions.

  • Economy will depend more on dense planning

    Urban transportation is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse emissions, and a source of endless woe for commuters. But is it really “essential”? Not really, says one researcher.