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Verasonics V-1 Ultrasound System

Technology description

The Verasonics V-1 ultrasound system can acquire, store, display and analyze ultrasonic data in a laboratory setting. It allows 256 transmission channels and 128 reception channels on two transducer connectors. Transmission waveforms are programmable with center frequencies of 0.75 to 15 MHz and up to 190 V peak-to-peak amplitude. Transmitted waves can be as long as 1000 wavelengths, which allows Shear Wave Elastography research. The system is programmable through a Matlab interface.

Clinical impact

The Verasonics V-1 system is used at STH for research within shear wave elastography, a new ultrasound elastography technique with great potential to improve future healthcare and reduce costs for diagnosis and interventions. Shear wave elastography research is likely to:

  • replace the use of mammography for breast cancer detection
  • improve arterial plaque characterization and reduce risk for stroke
  • detect cervix tumors and assess cervix stiffness to prevent premature birth
  • aid diagnosis of liver fibrosis
  • improve diagnostics of tendon and skeletal muscle diseases and injuries

Application specialist 

KTH, School of Technology and Health Alfred Nobels allé 10 14152 Huddinge Sweden
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