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List of the available equipment

Photoacoustic Imaging Facility

The photoacoustic imaging system (Vevo LAZR, Visualsonics) incorporates photoacoustic imaging into high-resolution ultrasound. The ultrasound imaging provides a high-resolution reference map for identifying anatomy, while the photoacoustic imaging enables functional measurements such as oxygen saturation, total hemoglobin and the microdistribution of biomarkers.

Vivid E9 Ultrasound system

The ultrasound scanner Vivid E9 from GE Healthcare is a first of its kind cardiovascular ultrasound system exclusively built for 4D imaging. Vivid E9 is an exceptional tool for image acquisition, data management and archiving that helps to enhance productivity and increase confidence in diagnostics. 

Aixplorer Ultrasound System

The Aixplorer is an ultrasound system that, in addition to conventional ultrasound imaging, can also perform elastography imaging. With elastography imaging the clinician can know how hard or soft the tissue is and does not have to rely only on manual palpation. 

Verasonics V-1 Ultrasound System

The Verasonics V-1 ultrasound system can be programmed to perform many cutting-edge ultrasound techniques in research settings.

Mobile Gamma camera 

The Mobile 3D Gamma Camera is a powerful, fast, bed-side diagnostic equipment for cardiology or neurology applications. 

MTH microCT - miniPET

A combined CT and PET with superior spatial resolution for small animal imaging. The system has been developed by the Medical Imaging group at MTH in collaboration with ATOMKI, Debrecen (Hungary) and it is therefore fully customizable to any needs of interest.

Mobile C-arm. Ziehm Vision RFD. 

The mobile C-arm (Ziehm Vision RFD) has a flat-panel detector that provides high resolution, distortion-free imaging and an extended field of view. It is specially designed for extended use in operating theaters, making it suitable for demanding interventions such as vascular procedures, interventional radiology and hybrid room applications.

MRI with high-intensity ultrasound (MRI-HIFU) (Philips Ingenia 3T)

The 3T MRI equipment produces high-resolution images to be used for clinical purposes and for advanced preclinical research. The integration of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) allows controlled therapeutic intervention under MRI guidance to be used for eliminating, e.g., tumors or pathological conduction pathways in the heart. The therapeutic effect of HIFU can be immediately monitored with continuous MRI scanning.

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