Bibliometrics at KTH

Bibliometrics can be defined as the quantitative study of publication collections. The bibliometric group at KTH produces statistics for the publishing of KTH, impact measured on the basis of citations and co-publishing.


The tasks of the operation consist of producing publishing statistics for KTH and to perform bibliometric analyses to be used as a basis for decision-makers at different levels. The group produces, among other things, the following:

  • KTH Annual Bibliometric Monitoring – Bibliometric statistics for KTH, its schools, departments and researchers.
  • Bibliometric indicator for resource allocation.
  • Indicators to the indicator report of KTH.
  • Bibliometric analyses on the behalf of the management of KTH, for instance co-publishing and benchmarking analyses.

External analyses for other higher education units, institutes etc.

KTH Bibmet

KTH has a bibliometric database, KTH Bibmet, which contains the same dataset as Web of Science core collection Web of Science core collection. Besides KTH, it is only Karolinska Insitutet among the Swedish higher education units that has a database of this kind. The database contains currently 55.5 million publications indexed in the database, and 1178 million references. Thereby, the database covers a large part of the scholarly publishing.

KTH Bibmet makes advanced analyses of the scholarly publishing possible. For example, KTH Bibmet makes calculation of normalized citation indicators, analysis of the dynamics and changes of publishing and production of co-publishing patterns possible.

The local publication database of KTH, DIVA, is used for some of the analyses performed by the bibliometric group.

External analyses

The bibliometric group also performs analyses upon request from other higher education units or organizations with research. The group can perform more comprehensive analyses with statistical compilations or produce indicator values for a set of publications regarding, for instance, field normalized citation indicators.


KTH Bibmet creates good conditions for research in bibliometrics. The ECE school has the aim to develop a research activity within the field. Currently, the bibliometric group has one researcher, Per Ahlgren, who has 20% research in his position. The research interests of Ahlgren are bibliometric indicators, bibliometric methods and techniques, citation analysis, science mapping and spatial scientometrics.

Staff at the bibliometric group

Per Ahlgren
Per Ahlgren, Bibliometrisk analytiker +4687909365
Tobias Jeppsson
Tobias Jeppsson, bibliometric analyst +4687907106
David Minguillo
David Minguillo, bibliometric analyst 0737652132
Qi Wang
Qi Wang, bibliometric analyst


If you have questions on bibliometrics, you are welcome to contact us:

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