ResearcherID and/or ORCID?

By registering a ResearcherID you can mark your publication in Web of Science and keep track of your publications and citations. If you submit your ORCID on your publications they will be easier to find. The two ID:s can be linked so that new publications automatically published with an ORCID are identified in the Web of Science and connected to the correct author.

Author names are selldom unique and identify publications written by an author can therefore be difficult. Author identifications such as ResearcherID and ORCID overcome these problems by making it possible for researchers to uniquely identify themselfs on their papers and connect previous papers to their ID.


ORCID is the name of an open and community-based author identification. It can be used when publishing which makes it easy to identify the publications that you have written, e.g. for bibliometric analysis or for import to publication database

ORCID web page


ResearcherID is the name of the author identification developed by Thomson Reuters and connected to Web of Science. You can register a ResearcherID and connect publications in Web of Science to your ResearcherID. You can can then get citation statistics such as the h-index. This also makes it possible to retrieve your publications from Web of Science and import them to other systems such as KTH:s publication database DiVA.

ResearcherID web page

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