What should I think about when registering my publications in DiVA

Correct organization and KTH-ID are the most important fields when registering. Also make sure not to register duplicates.

Correct information is important for a record to be counted in a bibliometric study. A bibliometric study of an organization, e.g. a school or department, are often made by retrieving the records in which at least one author are affiliated to the studied organization. The organization should be the one you had when the publication was produced, e.g. old publications written at another university than KTH should not be affiliated to KTH. If the publications are from 2004 or older the old organisation list, named "Superseeded Departments" should be used.

When conducting bibliometric analysis of research groups the KTH-ID is used for retrieving the records from DiVA. The KTH-ID should be registered in all your publication records in DiVA.

Alos make sure that the publication status is correct. For instance, if you have added publications with the status "submitted" you need to update the record when it is published to the correct status.

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