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Projects at KTH Learning

  • Unpacking emerging hybrid arrangements in Nordic higher education

    Published May 17, 2023

    The first workshop in the series was held in Tampere University, Finland on 10th - 11th May 2023.

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  • More space technology at KTH

    SMOS - Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity satellite
    Published Mar 24, 2022

    Space technology is literally speeding ahead in the world and it is important for Swedish schools to keep up with developments. KTH wants to support teachers in keeping up with developments and can de...

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  • K-ULF – Compensatory teaching for learning and research

    Published Jan 24, 2022

    K-ULF project is run in collaboration between KTH and six city authorities (huvudmän), the city of Stockholm, Haninge municipality, the city of Lidingö, Nynäshamn Municipality, Värmdö municipality and...

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  • Research school ROCIT

    2 students writing on a whiteboard and laughing
    Photographer Johan Persson
    Published Jan 20, 2022

    ROCIT is a new graduate school in collaboration between eight higher education institutions.

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  • Who can operate and manage smart buildings?

    Published Jun 08, 2021

    New study aims to map the engineering skills that will be required for planning, construction, and management of the smart and sustainable buildings of the future.

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  • ATS - Assessment of Transversal Skills in STEM

    Published Feb 18, 2021

    Assessment of Transversal Skills in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is an innovative project implemented in eight EU countries and involving a partner network of 12 educational...

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  • TeaEdu4CT project - Computational thinking

    Published Sep 30, 2020

    The aim of the project is to develop innovative educational approaches to practical STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) education that are based on Computational Thinking (CT).

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  • Unite! A European engineering campus

    UNITE logo
    Published Sep 25, 2020

    As part of an education and research initiative, the EU Commission is financing a consortium of distinguished universities with a technical focus. KTH Department of Learning in Engineering Sciences is...

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  • KTH knowledge sharpens African universities

    In March, teachers from African universities participated in a workshop on Student-centered learning at KTH. Here they visit the Visualization Studio at KTH. (Photo: Sara Nyberg)
    Published May 27, 2019

    The ITM School helps five African universities to excel in entrepreneurship and teaching methods. Together with a handful of European universities, KTH will increase their competence in various fields...

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  • Teaching physics - with incentive to be different

    Published Aug 06, 2015

    Is it possible to increase students’ interest in the natural sciences by finding new ways to reason about the science subjects? What do natural scientists consider to be the overall purpose of educati...

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