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Language and Communication at KTH

KTH Language and Communication’s purpose is to actively prepare KTH students for the communication challenges that await them in their professional lives. The division offers language courses at all levels in the most important languages for Swedish engineers, as well as in global competence, technical communication, and rhetoric.

About us

Research and development 

Communication in STEM

Communication within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is an important research area we are invested in and committed to. 

Research on Communication in STEM

Global Competence

Globalisation and internationalisation have made ‘global competence’ a prerequisite for success in engineering.

Research on Global Competence


Global Competence

There is an increased demand for global competence in working life. It has become a prerequisite for being able to work successfully in our globalized society. With it, you learn to master simple and effective methods for working constructively, creatively, and ethically in environments characterized by cultural and social diversity.

Certificate of global competence

Further studies

However you may want to develop yourself during your working life, you can find individual courses, a lecture, or contract-based education within languages, communication, and global competence here. 

Further studies (Swedish)