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Communicating Research beyond the Academy

Learn how to speak and write so that the non-expert both understands and wants to learn more. Mastering these communication skills is key to a successful research career.


The course is primarily intended for doctoral students who

  • have completed at least one year of their doctoral studies
  • have published at least one article, or are in the process of publishing their first article
  • have good oral proficiency in English

Course information

The application form for Spring 2022 will open 1 November (link further below on this page).

The course syllabus ('Kursplan') can be found here: FLS3107 Communicating Research beyond the Academy

Schedule 2022

The course will run on Wednesdays in Weeks 6-9, 12-14 and 16-19 (11 meetings).

Course fee

7,500 SEK


We welcome applications for Spring 2022 courses between 1 Nov. and 10 Dec. 2021. The links below are for all doctoral courses at KTH Language and Communication, so please make sure you select the right course. Apply as early as possible, since there is only a limited number of spaces. A letter of enrolment will be sent out as soon as we can confirm that you have been accepted to your desired course.

Before you start filling in the form: please make sure you have the correct invoice reference to your supervisor.

Doctoral student at KTH: apply here

Other doctoral students: apply here


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