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Class of 2019

These projects have been accepted to the 2019 KTH Innovation Brighter Program!



Flexpenser has developed a micro-dispenser for long-term storage and controlled release of liquids. Their solution is self-resealing, multi-use and air-tight, suitable for sensitive liquids such as chemicals, glues and lubricants.

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Gelo’s has developed an antibacterial gel intended for surgeons who wish to reduce the risk of surgical-site infections. The gel is a complement to antibiotics and prevents the growth of bacteria on tissue surfaces in the wound. It does not contain antibiotics or antiseptic additives and breaks down in the body after use. 

Biomedical Bonding

BMB develops on-surgical-site customizable adhesives and novel surgical methodologies with focus on the ever-growing market of bone fractures and restorations. The technology stands for a paradigm shift in fracture fixations and thereof making Standard-of-Care metal implants obsolete.

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Jaisy has developed a solution for instant and non-invasive jaundice detection for newborns. Their small device can easily be used by anyone, sending the diagnostics to your smartphone within seconds.

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Sensivo builds a GDPR compliant spreadsheet, specially built for modern clinical research and sensitive personal data management, giving clinical researchers a new way of working with data in a collaborative, cloud-based and privacy-first workspace.

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New York


For individuals who want to express their true self: Ellure’s personalization technology lets you design and try on your own lipstick virtually in AR and print it out on demand with Ellure Lipstick Printer™ within five minutes.

Veponic -The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, MDH

Veponic creates local access to food production all year round in a resource-efficient way that contributes to reducing the environmental impact while at the same time being financially relevant to today's market price. It is possible because of a unique vertical farming design that increases productivity while reducing resource use.

MIA (My Investment Advisor) - Stockholm School of Economics

For individuals who find investing difficult and time-consuming and who care about their impact on the planet, MIA have developed an investment app that allows them to set up a tailored managed portfolio according to their values that is both more convenient and personalized than competing solutions.


Noteful Ai is a specialty investment information mobile platform that elevates retail and institutional investors in their daily investment decisions. Noteful also elevates contributing financial journalists, analysts, bloggers and media outlets by helping them gauge readership at a whole new level. We apply machine learning to recommend key locations in text and extract confirmation biases on both readership and authorship. Our mission is to democratize knowing by shifting the conversation from digital noise to the appreciation for relevance.


Art Value gives anyone the right to create, own and trade personal art. Art_Value provides people with tools enabled by blockchain technology to create unique user-generated numbers and translate them into art. This art can be acquired, collected and traded to other people in a secure way.



INVOIER helps companies to identify when clients actually will be paying their invoices, and provide lower cost of capital by introducing a whole new set of investors looking for risk adjusted returns.

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IPercept’stechnology introduces a new measurement method in combination with machine learning for predictive maintenance of production equipment. This enables an affordable and meaningful periodic information stream to reduce unplanned machine downtime and increase overall equipment efficiency.


Building on years of research at KTH, SKOPAS offers efficient, safe and durable storage solutions complementary to Li-batteries, based on hybrid supercaps. Being water-based, SKOPAS’s supercaps are green and benign.

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Icarus Digital Math

Icarus Digital Math has developed software for flow calculation in aerodynamic simulations for the aircraft-, space- and vehicle industries. Their software is ten times faster and cheaper than the global players on the market. Their tool is now used in teaching at KTH, has been recognized by NASA and is used by clients and in pilot projects at the highest echelon of the industry.

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