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Erasmus+ staff mobility visit at KTH

Every year, KTH receives several staff visits from partners worldwide. Here you will find practical information related to the application process and stay.

KTH receives a large number of staff mobility applications. Therefore, we have to prioritise applications from existing partner universities. On this page, you will find a step-by-step guide and a request form for staff visits to KTH. Please read the information before applying.

1. Plan your visit

Staff week information

In early November every year, KTH arranges a staff week. The staff week coincides with KTH Global, an event for KTH students about abroad possibilities during their studies.

Planning a staff mobility visit at a university involves careful coordination and communication to ensure a smooth and productive experience for all participants. Here is a general guide to help you plan a successful staff mobility visit:

  • Clearly define the objectives of the staff mobility visit. Identify specific goals and outcomes you hope to achieve through the mobility.
  • Draft a detailed proposal outlining the purpose, goals, and expected outcomes of the staff mobility. Include information about the participants, visit dates and the duration of the mobility.
  • Start planning your visit at least three months before the intended stay.

Be aware that the KTH campus is almost empty between mid-June to mid-August.

2. Find a group or contact you would like to visit

KTH’s administrative staff is divided into several departments. Depending on the size of the department, the department can be managed by:

  • only the head of department
  • head of department and heads of divisions
  • head of department, heads of divisions and team manager

All of KTH’s administrative departments with contact information are listed on KTH’s internal pages. Please look through and find a department, division, or team you would like to meet.

Click to find KTH's University Administration on KTH's internal pages

3. Fill out the request form for staff visit at KTH

The next step is to fill out a request form for a staff visit at KTH. The form will be sent to staff at KTH’s International Relations Office, who will contact the administrative staff you are interested in visiting.

We need information about you and the department, division, team or colleague you want to visit at KTH to handle your request. Please ensure you have looked through KTH's website and know who you are interested in meeting with before you fill out this form.

Click to go to the request form

4. Confirmation and agreements

Letter of Invitation

When you have received confirmation about a program and that someone at KTH can host you, you will receive a Letter of Invitation.

Mobility Agreement

You will also fill out a Mobility Agreement This document outlines your learning goals, rights and responsibilities and how your training will be formally recognised. It is approved by the staff member, the sending and the receiving institution or organisation.

The agreement defines the components of the teaching or training period abroad. It emphasises the mutual responsibility for the quality of the mobility of both the sending institution/organisation and the receiving institution or organisation.

Info for researchers

The information on this page is aimed at administrative staff at universities. If you are a researcher interested in visiting KTH, please get in touch with the research group you would like to meet.

Find more information on KTH's research groups